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This is the rumor that could have leaked the ARMS character and his date for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – iGamesNews




As you know, a few months ago it was confirmed that an ARMS character would be added as DLC of the second Fighters Pass of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in June. However, for now we have not been able to know more details about it despite the fact that this month is getting closer.

Well, recently it has spread a rumor coming from 4chan with very specific details on how this character would be announced. The information has gone viral quickly, although at the moment there is nothing confirmed.

These are the details that the rumor offers:

  • Spring man would be the DLC character in question, despite currently being an assistant.
  • However, its 7 variants would be 7 other characters from ARMS similar to Bowsy with Bowser's Minions.
  • The presentation video The video continues where Incineroar and Ken were revealed. In this context, Incineroar angrily looks at a character with long arms, who jumps onto the combat stage. This character is shown as a silhouette first until who is revealed next: «Spring Man! Springs into battle! ». Then gameplay scenes would be shown and the other 7 characters would appear. The video ends with Incineroar on the ground with his tongue hanging out and Spring Man victorious.
  • The DLC would be released on June 16, just 3 years after the release of ARMS on the Nintendo Switch.

What is your opinion? We will be attentive in case something is confirmed.



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