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Thunder Force AC Beats Nintendo Switch in the Shop This Week




Update: Sega confirmed that Thunder Force AC will launch this week (14 May) in Japan, costing 999 yen. No word on when the western release will take place – it usually follows soon – but you can always use our guide on how to buy games from Japan if you can't wait.

Original story (Thu 16th April, 2020 09:30 BST): Sega announced that Thunder Force AC will be helping the Switch as part of its Sega Ages series soon, and will cost 999 yen in Japan.

Based on the Mega Drive / Genesis theme Thunder Force III, Thunder Force AC was released at the arcade simultaneously and sent to SNES in the form of Winds of thunder – which was sadly not so good.

As it was Thunder Force IV, Kids mode is included that not only gives you maximum attack power but also prevents you from losing all your weapons to death. Online leaderboards will also make the cut, and you will be assigned to each of the four ships that play in this game: Fire Leo 03 Styx, Fire Leo-03MP Styx Mass Product, Fire Leo-04 Rynex (Thunder Force IV) and Fire Leo-o4 Rynex (equipped with Thunder Sword).

As expected, the port will benefit from the general features of Sega Ages, such as being able to maintain your position in the game, recording your performance returns and watching video of advanced players. The first arcade game had mono sound, but this was upgraded to stereo in this version, and an HD Rumble was added, too. A wide range of screen filters are available to get that CRT style look that is reliable if you so desire.

If you would like to know more about this series of shooters, then be sure to check out our Thunder Force history feature.


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