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Video: & # 39; Sexy Senior Dating Sim & # 39; Later Dancers Found Their Song Contains Song Topics




Recent Dashboards will be turning to Switch near you next month, so the Bloom Digital Media creator has shared a new music video to get you all in the mood.

The & # 39; sexy senior dating sim & # 39; empowered you as you became the new resident of the Ye OLDE retirement community. There, you will join flacks and romance makers on the prowl, fall in love with a lover and brainstorm with eight locals while downloading unique relationships and interactive stories.

As we've previously reported, the latest Dashboards will be released in several categories; The developer is putting the finishing touches on the first three sections as we speak, with a planned date for April 16, and a second series will be released "shortly".

We have to admit, we're sitting here teasing "Later, Dashari, lalalalala" as we write this, so it looks like they might be hitting.

We'll leave you with the trailer for the first announcement if you're interested in learning more, but let us know if this fun little opportunity to introduce the air has launched the game next month at the number below.


Ever since I had the NES, I knew that Nintendo was going to be with me for life. From that NES to SWITCH, I've known all the Nintendo systems.

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