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12 AMD Ryzen 4000G APU prepaid socket AM4



It looks like AMD is yet to come before Intel again and it's likely from the table blow that Swans won't be able to handle it until months later (and we'll see in what terms). The fact is that if what is ripe today is true, AMD has up to 12 bombs as they have never been seen on a desktop before.

A battalion of processors that, if its graphics capabilities are guaranteed, not only get their money from Intel, but NVIDIA with its GT 1030 graphics, for example, the input range is limited to those who need fewer resources.

Up to 12 AMD AM4 APUs complete the Intel market dominating desktop


If there is one good thing about Intel processors, is that most include the GPU. Overclockers will not like this for obvious reasons, but since the KF list has been around for two years, it will be over.

The problem with AMD is that most of its competitors' benchmarking programs include GPUs and they do it from start to finish, because there are enough options. For this reason and you see a number of models, those of Lisa Su preparing for the storm of APUs competing and forcing themselves as a complete game choice rather than their competitor.


Of the 12 AMD AM4 APUs, six will have 65 Watt TDP and the remaining six 35 watts and the settings will range from 8 cores and 16 threads reach 4 cores and 8 threads respectively. The speed will be different too, in their colleges and in their GPUs, but we will see some very good waves.

The Ryzen 7 4700G leak has been specified

AMD-AM4-APU-2 "width =" 1000 "height =" 639 "data-srcset =" .jpg 1000w, 300w, .es / 2020/05 / AMD-AM4-APU-2-768x491.jpg 768w "size =" (max-wide: 1000px) 100vw, 1000px "/></p><p>Rumors that there were almost a Ryzen 7 4700G would be confirmed by these tables, which, although they did not show the last names of the user when they revealed all their details.</p><p>We can get AMD APIs under AM4 for 8 cores and 16 strings with Boost frequencies up <strong>4,450 MHz</strong> and the GPUs to ascend <strong>2.1 GHz.</strong></p><p style=AMD-APU-AM4

As with the Ryzen 3000 desktop version under the AM4, the so-called Ryzen 4000G will have higher speeds in the larger range, where perhaps the most notable will be support for DDR4 3200 MHz in all its versions, something we've already seen and its counterparts on the laptop, mistakenly boosts performance on its GPU.

As for the number of CUs, 4-core versions will include 6 CU with 384 Shaders, 6 basic APUs will install 7 CUs or 448 Shaders and eventually those involving 8 nuclei would have to be paid 8 CUs with 512 Shaders.


Not surprisingly, but it is true that defeating Vega 11 for the IGPUs will gather speed that will reach 2,100 MHz.

Apparently, AMD already has their watch on Rocket Lake with IGPU Xe by the end of the year and even though there is no release date for these APUs, they shouldn't take long to reach the market, so Lisa Su will take advantage of her rival.

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