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1ms 144Hz WQHD game curve monitoring



1ms 144Hz WQHD game curve monitoring

AOC offers its CU34G2X UltraWide monitoring for all viewers who want to expand their gaming experience or, more specifically, enrich it. To do this, including a panel VA 34-inch compressed with a resolution of 3440 × 1440 pixels. 1500R, giving an idea of ​​the first hearts. However, it is a game start that keeps many surprises

AOC CU34G2X, ready to fight

It’s a track focused on the sports field, but not at any level. AOC seeks to attract the attention of the most demanding players of the AOC CU34G2X with its trademarks. First, place a 34-inch curved VA panel with QHD solution (3440X1440). Among other things, it brings a level of refreshment to 144 Hz response time for 1 ms.

The curvature of its screen is 1500R, which is ideal that you can take advantage of it with a peripheral view that offers deep immersion without deviation. The purpose of the product is to give the player the ability to see what he or she needs to do to help him or her defeat his or her rivals.

Thanks to this foundation, rapid movement is innocent and the conversion is well transferred to avoid unintended consequences, such as air parking. Therefore, it is included FreeSync Premium which helps the graphics card to give its full power without causing cracks or similar events.

The AOC, on the other hand, is concerned with ergonomics, and it is not inferior because it is the beginning of a certain size. Therefore, its height, its base can be adjusted and provided VESA mountain to provide the player with a comfortable, comfortable environment. So, if you are one of those who make video game marathons, you can be in front of your next guard.

The Taiwanese brand wanted to offer an improved design, reducing the frames as much as possible to set up a complete user panel. That being said, the bottom line is bigger than the others because it includes the AOC series. The company followed the concept of “0 distractions.” In addition, they have created this setting for multiple screen settings.

Earn, price and guarantee

If you are one of those who have had problems with dead pixels on other monitors, AOC offers you warranty if the guard has pixels are dead. In that case, the AOC will send you another CU34G2X for malfunction, without waiting for it to receive our monitoring.

The AOC states a 4 special warranty throughout the list of premium AGON monitors. For game developers of «G», the warranty period is 3 years from the date of purchase. This installation is effective until January 1, 2019. Finally, with the purchase of this guide we will enjoy a Damage closure for 1 year. In a sense, it encompasses all the damage of error that occurs.

Caution, although you see it already installed in stores like Amazon at a price of $579 is not yet available (although it should be in the next few days since the official launch and official announcement of the manufacturer has already taken place).

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