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All companies have one, but few know, what is NOC?





Both these companies and the administration need to be organized in some way regarding the building of their network infrastructure, especially when they need to transfer large amounts of data, something very common these days. As with any program, you need a management team that cares about keeping everything organized and that's where the numbers are NOC, But what exactly is it?

As we say, all mid-sized companies have NOCs and those that do not put their networks in the third party responsible for managing them, or the owner of an unknown company.

The NOC, an important factor in the national infrastructure of any country

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NOC (Network Operations Center) It is a network center, also known by the name of our country's program managers as Network Control Center (CCR).

As its name suggests, it is a special place in the management of telecommunications networks, whether the Internet, television or satellites, and generally of any type of local or national network.

Obviously there is no single CCR or NOC, but most are carefully distributed throughout the length and breadth of each country. Some are state-owned, some are private (most) and are almost universally regulated by national ISPs (small-scale intelligence and investigative procedures).

Its function is to monitor these networks and deal with cracks that may occur for any reason, diverting traffic loads as appropriate. This includes failures in the power, transport network and almost any performance parameter related to the maintenance of these networks.

Different levels of specialization and problems

NOC-3 "wide =" 1200 "height =" 664

This class of institutions consists of various types of engineers and technicians who are often categorized by standards. Those with the lowest rank have the lowest numbers, and the highest ones have the highest rankings.

This position allows for the smooth flow of personnel based on the complexity of the problem. Failure due to an electrical line problem is not the same as a direct NOC attack. Each crack increases in the shortest time to the right for fixes and problems, to move to the exact point or rather, to raise the problem to a higher level if such processes do not occur.

In any case, being in important positions in the country, these people have high performance availability, as employees are completely changed and systems management can include from a few servers to millions.

Special mention is made to those NOCs in charge of the intelligence service and the country's secret services, namely 24/7/365 assets on various shifts to protect the integrity of the servers in that country.

In fact, in many Hollywood movies we've all seen the NOC, at least as a standard room with PCs and big screens full of details where everyone runs in the opposite direction when there's really a problem and it's said no one knows what it is until the hero arrives.

Of course, this is not the case, but everything is well balanced by a series of policies so that calmness is maintained and response times are minimal.

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