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Amazon Echo Auto update



Amazon Echo Auto update

The Echo Auto review in July 2020 looks somewhat surprising that it has been a long-running ad in America, however, it is something we are familiar with Amazon, which expands marketing after that.

If you don't know much about Echo Auto, it's actually an Alexa car tool. But it’s not just the Echo Dot with a different plastic body. It is designed to integrate with your car's audio system so you do not need to install a speaker.

In fact, the system is mixed and neglected like any other hands-free device that most users install by simply installing the appropriate support in their car's arrival areas.

They are also made of non-abrasive construction materials that allow you to withstand high temperatures inside the car, where easily in summer and in full sun it can exceed 50 degrees.

Installation and billing

  • 5 mm Bluetooth input
  • Slight air intake for cars
  • 12v power adapter with dual USB ports
  • You need a cell phone to connect data
  • Alexa application on your phone

Echo Auto is an integrated tool that fits in the palm of your hand. It comes in dark and is powered by a car cigarette light connector or USB A socket for operation. These are the corresponding grids:

You have a Micro-USB power cable in the box and an adapter that packs in your car's 12V power supply. You also have two ports, so there is one available and you can charge your phone or other device.

While there is a built-in speaker, for setup and startup only, and Alexa uses your car speakers to communicate with you and play music or answer calls. You have two options: 3.5mm auxiliary cable or Bluetooth.

All of this means that some cars will not work with Echo Auto, but most will agree. The most suitable cars for older models from around 2000-2012 that may have auxiliary (or Bluetooth) installations but not CarPlay or Android Auto.

The low-pressure grille support has a place where you can adjust the excess power cable, or the one you use to physically connect to your car audio system.

The phone, then, becomes a basic clip that will act as a mediator between your Echo Auto and Amazon Alexa. Using the Alexa App, it will be easier to configure the equipment. You should choose to install Amazon Echo and check out Echo Auto. It's that simple.

You will be notified not to configure the phone while driving. Shortly thereafter, the wizard with the most original image is located in the appropriate location and the steps that will follow with the installation.

Before commenting on the device's functions, Echo Auto has two easily accessible back buttons that allow you to use or operate the microphone, or ask to listen to Alexa if you choose instead of using your voice.

The LED color changer bar lets you preview when the device is in listening mode or checking for any questions you may have missed. In the absence of a screen, the program works and achieves its purpose.

What does Echo Auto do?

  • Everything Alexa offers as an assistant
  • Guides at restaurants and other places of interest
  • Answers to answers
  • Music, podcasts and audiobooks

Unlike other Smart Display programs, Amazon Echo Auto does not have a map display screen. What it does well is to respond to your requests in hands-free mode, which will prevent unnecessary service management charges.

If you frequently use Alexa or any voice assistant such as Siri or Google Assistant, you can ask them to add a product to your shopping list, set a reminder or warning, or add an appointment to the calendar.

Music streaming works just like when you use the Echo at home. That works if you don’t get your music from Amazon and it comes from another compatible service like Apple Music, for example.

By roaming, Alexa will open the default app (configured within the Alexa app) and manage it to show the location you requested. When your phone is nearby, Alexa will order Google Maps to show you your route or trajectory.

The only problem we had was when our browsing contacts were called, without allowing Echo Auto to access my phone's contact list.

For unknown reasons, there was no address associated with the contact, or the address was correctly displayed in the Google version of that contact. However, when the contact sees you, all the benefits of driving in hands-free mode.

Using the car speaker system enhances the quality of the calls, and thanks to its 8 microphones over a long distance, the recipient will hear your conversation loud and clear, whether there is background noise or traffic noise.

We are missing out on opportunities to set up multiple profiles or connect an Echo Auto device with various mobile users. In this way, it can be easier for everyone to share and change the controls of the playing music.

In our experiment, we used Bluetooth wireless connection technology instead of cable and we have to say that every time we reach the car and set the dump key, the system starts the phone automatically.

This way, you won't have to do anything every time you reach your car for use. If the Echo Auto is currently connected to your car's power supply, it will start immediately and go into listening mode to say ‘Alexa, call…'.

Price and availability

Here comes a miracle. And that if your car is somehow old and you don’t have a smart entertainment system in the car, i Amazon Echo Auto It can only give you these features for just $59.99.

As mentioned, its use depends largely on the sound system installed in your car, as well as on the connections provided by your smartphone and the data connection. Echo Auto is compatible with Android 6.0 and iOS 12 and later.

The decision

You should know that Echo Auto is not the first car-based app Alexa has, however it seems to be the best option for listening to conversations and calls from other users, as well as being easy to configure.

Whether it makes sense to you or not will largely depend on the car you have and the skills of your sound system. Although you can always connect it with a mini-jack cable to your audio system, the best feeling comes with Bluetooth.

If you already have Bluetooth, you won't actually get much benefit from moving or making calls, because Siri and Google Assistant are already able to handle these hands-free situations.

But on Alexa's general music and skills, as well as their use of certain skills, it's great and brings you closer to the smart Echo speaker experience in your home, and in the car.

Of course, some skills are not very useful here and you will need to continue to use manual controls to turn on your car's heating, use lights, or to increase or decrease music volume, as it depends on your car and not from Echo Auto.

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