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AMD Delivers COVID-19 Research Associate Groups



AMD has also announced that it will expand on the development of a cloud-based system that will be used by AMD EPYC and AMD Radeon Instinct processors installed on the site at Penguin Computing, providing remote sensing capabilities with selected researchers worldwide. Combined, the donated systems will provide researchers with more than seven petaflops of computer power used to combat COVID-19.

(NASDAQ: AMD) and its technology partner Penguin Computing Inc., which is SMART Global Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: SGH) has announced that the University of New York (NYU), the Massachusetts Technology University (MIT) and Rice University are the first universities selected to receive high-performance computer systems powered by AMD technology, provided from AMD's most advanced computer workers in research. COVID-19.

“The most effective computer technologies play a very important role in modern clinical research, which deepens our understanding of how certain viruses work and accelerates the development of medicines and vaccines,” he said. Lisa Su, AMD President and CEO. “Both AMD and our technology partners are proud to be able to introduce these new programs to researchers around the world that will increase the computational capacity available to combat COVID-19 and support the future of clinical research.”

Selected universities are expected to apply these new computer capabilities to all epidemiological-related work, including genomics, vaccine development, cross-science, and model making. In addition, scientists around the world who are doing research on COVID-19 can request access to the AMC-enabled HPC system at Penguin Computing, they can apply for their projects at


“At all MIT we are committed to working to address the global COVID-19 epidemic, from high-impact actions such as modeling, testing and treatment, to long-term and mid-life projects such as diagnostic and vaccine development. most of the services that AMD kindly offers for this handsome machine offering at Petaflop, ”he said. Daniel Huttenlocher, dean of Schwarzman College of Computing at MIT.


At the Center for Theoretical Physics-Biology, Rice researcher José Onuchic uses his previous studies on influenza A as a guide to examine how the coronavirus protein site helps penetrate human cells, the first critical step in infection. Another scientist, Peter Wolynes, uses the principles of his basic ideas for protein sequencing to monitor thousands of drug molecules and identify the most likely candidate for clinical trials based on how much they bind to viral proteins.

“The AMD offer will significantly change Rice's computer attacks on COVID-19,” he said. Peter Rossky, dean of the Wiess School of Natural Science at Rice University. “We have the means to move forward, but big and complex systems research is the highest level of computing available. AMD's contribution to the new and dedicated computing power system can make the game faster for us to progress in overcoming this virus. ”

Links with universities

Selected universities are preparing their research plans and the infrastructure needed to acquire these programs, including specific research projects that may have immediate or long-term impact.


“The COVID-19 epidemic has had a huge impact on academic research in high schools, both in terms of methodology and the need for immediate results, so now this donation is fortunate and we are very fortunate thanks to AMD”, he said Russel Caflisch, director of the NYU Courant Institute of Mathematicsical Science. “AMD-enabled computer resources will be used by NYU researchers in a variety of projects and projects to identify many key aspects of the COVID-19 problem, including: the discovery of COVID-19 therapeutic drugs and future modifications of the Sars virus, to retrieve relevant research results from in the library of natural resources, the analysis of medical theories in the diagnosis of patients, and the analysis of the political and moral conditions of voters when the financial crisis arises. ”

AMD Partner Ecosystem

AMD has partnered with popular HPC solutions and IA Penguin Computing to define, build and deploy home systems with the Penguin on-demand cluster (POD), powered by AMD. The Penguin Computing POD will be installed at the DataBank-provided data center. Contributions from Penguin Computing, NVIDIA, Gigabyte, and others helped further the AMD HPC Fund to further the COVID-19 research.

Penguin Computing hopes to support and contribute to COVID-19 research efforts through its partnership with AMD. We are committed to providing our systems and information technology to high-performance computers, artificial intelligence, and data analysis across both university-installed systems and the cloud environment of our remote POD, ”he said. Sid Mair, President of Penguin Computing Inc.

“Ultra data transfer speed and efficiency in understanding the key elements in delivering the results required by science, especially in these challenging times,” he said. Gilad Shainer, senior vice president of marketing communications for Mellanox at NVIDIA. “The NVIDIA Mellanox HDR 200 gigabit InfiniBand solutions provide great data connection, extremely low latency, and software downloads that speed up bio-science simulations and also improve coronavirus treatment.”

Gigabyte is offering its G290-Z21 integrated Penguin cluster, built around a simple 48-core AMD EPYC 7642 processor paired with 8 Radeon Instinct MI50 accelerators. R182-291 traffic management system, also from Gigabyte, each using two 16 processors, AMD EPYC 7302.

AMD's commitment to the COVID-19 study

The HPC AMD COVID-19 fund was established to provide research centers with the resources needed to speed up medical research on COVID-19 and other diseases. In addition to the initial $ 15 million grant for computers in major computer operations, AMD has provided the technical and technical services of nearly double the “Corona” system at Lawrence Liverpoolmore National Laboratory used to provide computer power. A molecular model is added to support the COVID-19 study.

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