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AMD Roadmap 2017-2022, Zen 3, Zen 4, RDNA 2 and RDNA 3



AMD Roadmap 2017-2022, Zen 3, Zen 4, RDNA 2 and RDNA 3

Explosive growth, so we can determine the average AMD rate between 2019 and 2020. The expansion as a company that has given the worst results of the stock market when we look back over the last two years and that it is now a seemingly endless reality, at least until the end of this year.

AMD Roadmap 2017-2022

These figures are based on the findings of three major research companies such as Mercury Research, Jon Peddie Research and IDC, where all data for 2019 is important because, as we know, AMD will launch other products by 2020.

Server market share

AMD reported participation of 8%, but firms said that by the end of 2019 it was only 4.5%. This means that companies are accelerating the deployment of EPYC Rome servers to 7nm by 2020 and that it is likely that AMD will end the year at this level by more than 15%.

This is seriously hurting Intel, because, despite its low numbers, it means that the industry is seeing the benefits of the AMD platform and this trend is beginning to change.

As for the AMD road map, the company will launch its Milan servers this year under Zen 3 and confirm that it will be under 7nm TSMC.

Desktop Market Share

On the consumer and general consumer side, AMD has seen a two-fold increase compared to the first Ryzen CPU launch in 2017. The current share stands at 16.9%, but has no introduction of Ryzen APUs. 4,000, so year-end estimates should leave the figure closer twenty.

This is a surprise for the data, as AMD currently sells 50% of the premium processors, so it is understandable that it steals the share a little by ten to ten from Intel. The company confirmed the launch of Zen 3 this year to get its sockets AM4 and Ryzen 4000, which also reach 7 nm and not 5 nm TSMC as it is already ripe and we have already denied it.

In the drawings all is in trouble for the Radeon RX

Abandoned or donated paintings are in the eye of the storm, because by 2019 the figures were not encouraging for Lisa Su. And that in 2017 they held 33.1% of the total opposition to their rivals, while last year they only received 26.6%.

All of AMD's hopes are focused on RDNA 2 under Big Navi, which should arrive before the end of the year. The funny thing about this is that the number of GPUs shipped has risen dramatically to 553 million units by 2019, but this hasn't caused NVIDIA to steal the rating from them.

It is estimated that AMD is currently free of charge and will be approximately 25% off, possibly due to driving issues, possibly due to lack of Ray Tracing support or maybe both.

In any case, AMD has convinced you that RDNA 2 should solve this when it has a problem, where we now know that, even if it reaches 7 nm as a Navi sister, the design will allow for increased frequency.

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