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AMD RX 6000, the first bench facing NVIDIA



AMD RX 6000, the first bench facing NVIDIA

As is often the case, things have changed AOTS (Ashes of Unity) a game that manages to see how the graphics card is sorted into its database. While it is true that it does not register a specific GPU model or graphics card itself, it all seems to indicate that we are dealing with a lower RDNA2 model due to its performance.

The problem is that AMD sets very high expectations when it comes to its new design, and NVIDIA’s hit may have been much bigger than its reversal.

Can a swollen card be a little faster than a RX 5700 XT disappointment or acceptable?

We first learn that this graphics card has been tested under DX11 in the file set 4K Crazy, a really weird setup because it works under DX12 by default.

In any case, all tests are registered within the game data, so the features and requirements were the same for all GPUs.

The processor was i9-9900K, so there was no bottle left. Although the database does not specify the speed of the cards shown, it is confirmed that the new RX 6000 on average is between 20% and 25% higher than the RX 5700 XT, so the increase in performance is significant.

The highest score scored in the game was 6200 points, equivalent to 63 FPS, with a minimum of 5100 points and 51 FPS points. The explanation is estimated that 5900 points and 60 FPSso we will be talking about the card 4K @ 60 without many problems.

At RTX 2080 Ti level: the first RX 6000 will fall behind the RTX 3070

If we look at the comparative data when we combine NVIDIA cards with those of AMD, we find a direct comparison: this new RX 6000 can be at the level of RTX 2080 Ti almost, because they compete with FPS up and FPS down.

By keeping comparing and tracking leaks since last week, the RTX 3080 could be 55% faster more than the RX 6000. The biggest difference makes us think we see a Navi 22 chip and not a Navi 21, which is designed to compete with the NVIDIA card.

Likewise, and if we are right, we are talking about more performance than the mid-range chip size of AMD, which should compete with the RTX 3070, but which seems to offer closer performance than the RTX 3060 Ti than before. If performance is right, it looks like AMD could compete for the price against the RTX 3080 and Navi 21, but it doesn't look like it could cut that. 55% gap in the meantime dial the numbers.

It is true that the driver will also be a beta version and that in more than a month it will be able to improve, but this RX 6000 does not show up well. We will wait for the new leak so that we can compare with what is shown here and be able to donate to the nearest tray line.

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