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Apple unveils Mac with ARM processor replacing Intel by 2021




When something is revealed Apple is offering standard products after the competition at printer pricing per ink. The next year's action already has a name, "Kalamata Project", and Intel's rod for losing one of its biggest competitors.

At the same time, Apple has stepped into the wolf's mouth, because it replaces the use of a blue ghost with an unforgivable new SoC for pure performance under the X86 and in particular, for the price.

Apple might be digging its grave with ARM


How is Apple planning to tell its users to pay a huge fee when their products will be based on more than two years of ARM technology? It's a big question for millions of dollars. It is true that with ARM and their design they will have more control of the hardware with regard to their software, it is true that ARM dominates the mobile market, it is a fact that Microsoft has its own It's more of a pro x

ARM, but does Apple sell the kind of product where its market and competition itself are.

There is talk that the chip will integrate a 12-core CPU where there will be four of them IceStorm (very efficient) while the remaining eight will be of the type Tornado (high performance), all designed by the company. Is this an excuse to sell your products?

Low prices for your products at the expense of worse performance?


The first step is that Apple must take full advantage of installing software throughout the ArM build and achieving the expected performance. Multiple muscle rehabilitation without a strategy is not an effective strategy in the short or long term.

So while Apple has been working for a long time in transition, doubt is the end result. What seems clear to analysts is that the company will cut costs by 40-60%. The low use of the ARM processor will allow for cheaper and cheaper materials, which is why there is speculation about a possible price drop, which is hard to believe for Apple, especially in a sector where you don't feel threatened by smartphones.

On the other hand, if Apple keeps current prices, they will be criticized for it. The power of their machines will not be greater than that provided by Intel with almost complete security, their cost is very low and the quality of their machines today is highly questioned from the start.

No doubt Intel is lost, but the way Apple approaches this situation may determine its reliability as a premium brand, something that its latest generation tools don't show and that they are overcome by several limitations and problems of all kinds.


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