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ASUS ROG Z11: features and specifications



ASUS ROG Z11: features and specifications

The ASUS ROG Z11 is a mini-itx in the middle of a complete tower designed for a very enthusiastic gamer looking for a good play tower but with a space problem, because the feature that makes this ASUS tower different is that we can put it on our desk. in two different ways.

Details of ASUS ROG Z11 Technology

Its dimensions are: 194 x 386 x 531 mm, weighing 8.73 Kg, it comes with two fans 140 mm high and one 140 mm low.

It supports ATX or SFX power supply with a maximum size 160mm length, graphics cards up to 320mm and a cool CPU up to 130mm height.

As for the materials used in the construction of the ASUS ROG Z11 we have Aluminum, steel, tempered glass and ABS plastic

ARGB lighting is compatible with Aura Sync

It is equipped with integrated RGB LEDs on both the front and side panels.

By using the control button on the front panel of the tower in conjunction with the ASUS Aura Sync software, we can make the ASUS ROG Z11 switch between millions of different colors with a wide range of effects, which can be adapted to all other compatible Aura devices.

Cooling capacity

If we want to choose liquid cooling, we can install two radiators on the ASUS ROG Z11, one behind 240mm or 120mm long and 30mm thick and one on the ground 120mm long and 30mm thick.

If we instead want to choose to increase the number of fans, we have the opportunity to install 120 mm rear fans, and replace the already installed 140 mm with 120 mm above and below the tower.

We can accommodate up to six fans on the ASUS ROG Z11, six PWM fans and three RGB or LED strip fans.

Flexible dust filters

The ASUS ROG Z11 has several flexible dust filters, located at the top, bottom, left, front and rear of the tower.

The fact that new dust filters can be replaced and installed ensures easy maintenance that allows us to keep the interior of the ASUS ROG Z 11 clean.

The I / O connection is installed as normal and amplified

It has a front panel with a hub that includes the following connections:

  • One port type USB USB 3.2.
  • Two USB 3.0 Type A.
  • mini-jack for headphones and microphones.
  • Power button.
  • Reset button.
  • 1 button to control the mode and colors of the RGB strips.

The ROG Z11 is also fitted with four 4 2.5 ″ SSDs but if we need to install a 3.5 ″ HDD we can replace 2 of 2.5 ″ slots with 3.5 ″ one.

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