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Ballistix MAX 5100 RAM Essential, limited range of 5100 MHz



Ballistix MAX 5100 RAM Essential, limited range of 5100 MHz

In January, producer Crucial announced the revival of his family of RAM Ballistix memories, and the introduction of the Ballistix MAX family as the first spear in its catalog. These RAMs were so good, especially overdone, that they have now announced the launch of the limited edition the phone Ballistix MAX 5100 which, as you will already think from the word, has something that works 5100 MHz of we do.

More important is its Ballistix RAM family which is the only one on the market where cultural adjustments are made to the DRAM chip level, which has led to many world speed records. In fact, these same modules have recently been used to break DDR4 RAM performance records, reaching speeds of 6666 MT / s, the fastest to date.

Crucial Ballistix MAX 5100, limited performance program

This “flexibility” provided by the manufacturer on the chip's built-in RAM memory modules has allowed them to perform this presentation with complete security and stability, and even in these cases, they offer a working memory of 5100 MHz from the factory.

“We were the first to bring DDR4 RAM to the market, the first to install LEDs in DRAM gaming, and now our latest Ballistix MAX memory gives players the opportunity to play, offering higher speed and better game performance. The program. This latest memory speed is one of the team's focus decisions. and the introduction of new and more efficient gaming products around the world. ”

said Teresa Kelley, vice president and general manager of Micron's Consumer Products Group.

The memory modules forming the Crucial Ballistix MAX 5100 RAM Kits are hand-picked and customizable to deliver good performance at all levels. Due to their aluminum heatsinks and the quality of their chips, they are designed to be extremely versatile and the most reliable guarantee compliant with all current AMD and Intel platforms.

As mentioned, the Crucial Ballistix MAX 5100 modules operate at 5100 MHz (PC4-40800) due to the XMP 2.0 profile, and have spaces CL19-26-26-48, the latitudes are very high but there is nothing critical in terms of the speed they provide from the factory. They have-Yes, like the rest of the Ballistix MAX series, RGB-adjustable lighting from motherboard manufacturers of major manufacturers such as Aura Sync from ASUS or Mystic Light from MSI.

Price and availability

Crucial said they will make a limited edition of this special Ballistix MAX 5100 program, and it will only be available on 16GB kits (2 x 8GB modules) via the manufacturer's website. Of course, if you want to get this limited edition you will have to scratch your pocket because the price is not below that $899.99, and it is now available for purchase.

The undeniable fact of this type is limited that instead of having a lifetime warranty like all DRAM manufacturer products, this time they have a limited 10 year warranty.

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