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Best 80 Plus Titanium PC Power Supplies




As we always say, energy transmission is at the heart of machines, because it carries the transmission of pure and efficient energy to other objects and relies on them to operate. Therefore, it is never a bad idea to invest in high-quality electricity because it will be well spent. However, in this article we will recommend the best, so the prices may not be suitable for a tight budget, so keep that in mind.

The best 80 Plus Titanium sources

Below we will recommend which of our Titanium models is the best in the market, but keep in mind that they do not have to be the specific model we recommend; In other words, we would recommend a font family, then the strength you want will depend on the needs of your team. Having said that, let's go there.

EVGA Supernova 1600 T2

80 Plus Titanium EVGA Supernova 1600 T2 Fountain

This is probably the best power supply that can be bought for money, and not only with an 80 Plus Titanium or 1600 watts efficiency certificate, but with the full quality of its components, its 10-year manufacturer warranty, and only 12V and high-speed rail. able to contribute to today's 133.3A.

With this source you will have connectors that can be connected to any high-end system, since it includes between the other two 4 + 4-pin EPS connectors for the highest boards, and up to 18 PCI-Express 6 + 2-pin connectors.

Cooler Master MasterWatt Maker 1500

80 Plus Titanium Cooler Master MasterWatt Maker 1200 Fountain

This is the limited power supply that the Cooler Master has put out of the market with the aim of providing "the best", and the result has been excellent. With 1,500 watts of power (available at 1,200 watts), it can deliver 62.5 amps on its two + 12V rails, and it also has enough connectors for any gears, including the 12 6 connectors + 2-pin PCIe.

SeaSonic Prime TX-1000

80 Plus Titanium SeaSonic Prime TX-1000 Font

This is the most enduring family of SeaSonic, a brand famous for its power quality. This model provides up to 1000 watts of 80 Plus Titanium power, delivering 83 amps to +12V rail and 6 x 6 + 2-pin PCIe connectors, as well as 2 x 4 + 4- EPS EPS of very cool CPUs. ».

Corsair AX1600i

80 Plus Titanium Corsair AX1600i Fountain

Corsair describes the font as "the best" since the emergence of the previous AX1600 where digital controls were installed. It is capable of providing 1600 watts of high power, similar to the previous ones with enough connectors for any standard system and various graphics cards, since it features two EPS connectors for 4 + 4 pins and 8 PCIe for 6 + 2 pins in between to others.

Silverstone SST-ST1300-TI

Fountain 80 Plus Titanium Silverstone SST-ST1300-TI

This Silverstone power source is available in the power range between 850 and 1300 watts, and in this model is capable of delivering up to 108A of + 12V rail, plenty for any system. It has 80 Titanium certificates and connectors connected to any system, including 8 PCI-Express 6 + 2 pins and 2 EPS 4 + 4 CPU pins.

SuperFlower Leadex Titanium 1000

80 Plus Titanium SuperFlower Leadex 1000 Font

When we talk about the "best resources" of any category, the popular SuperFlower builder will not be lost, even though most of its power is sold to other recycled makers. This model has 1000W of power and enough mechanical wardrobe with up to four graphics cards, since it includes 8 PCIe 6 + 2-pin connectors, as well as two 4 + 4-pin EPS connectors for motherboards that support it.

The Thermaltake Toughpower is RGB 1250

80 Plus Titanium Thermaltake Toughpower RGB 1250 Font

Finally, we end this list with this Thermaltake model, which is made internally by Enermax. It has digital control and a 140mm machine with RGB configured light. It delivers up to 1,250 watts of power, and has 8 6 + 2-pin PCIe connectors and 2 4 + 4-pin EPS, like everyone else, making it equally suitable for high-end systems.


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