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Cheap Chinese SSDs will come and thank Phison




YMTC has been testing SSD manufacturers again to control first row; Prior to this announcement, the Chinese manufacturer was already testing ADATA and Silicon Motion for the same purpose, but now contract issues with Phison are an important point because they apply specifically to SSD controllers, which are actually in the industry.

SSDs have Chinese chips, good or bad news?

It looks like this manufacturer is already very advanced in the production of 3D NAND chips, because based on the source they come from 64-layer chips directly on the 128-chip chips, skipping the 96-layer phase. Its 128 NAND 3D NAND chips use a communication technology called Xtacking 2.0 It has allowed them to reach the highest potential and increase their performance, but unfortunately there is no data from it today to determine anything.

3D NAND YMTC Chinese SSD Tissue

Chances are, seeing the chip image above, the logo sounds a little too much for you, and right now there are many Chinese SSDs on the market that use these chips. In addition, now that the manufacturer has others like Silicon Motion or ADATA on their side, who don't make their own chip memory but continue to take them from third parties using their controllers, which is probably the first time we have seen the SSD market begin to use these bundles in bulk.

To answer the question of whether this is good or bad, a priori should be good but in several cases. It should be good in the sense that we will have more volume, and in addition to cheaper chips, they will affect the price of SSDs for sure (cheaper SSDs). The bad thing is that without deciding whether or not the performance of these chips will work, we cannot guarantee their reliability, and consequently that the market is filled with trouble-free SSDs and can be bad news, no matter how much.

The YTMC is not a "secondary" manufacturer

Technically, we should give this chip maker some confidence votes. While it is true that it is not well known or internationally known, it is actually the largest manufacturer in Asia and has received many awards for its innovative technology; The evidence for this is that it is already quite high for first-rate manufacturers in terms of lithography and technology.

Of course we will have to wait for the first SSDs equipped with these Chinese chips to come to market, at a time when we can work with their reliability. And it will still be seen what they come up with, since manufacturers can use this scenario to simply reduce costs and sell at similar prices, thus increasing their margins of profit and not passing on these cost reductions to the user.


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