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Called "Lumen in the Land of Nanite," the demo they listened to shows some amazing image effects and especially the natural, intimate nature of photography, many people think that even if it is well-designed for comfort, any performance is punished or repairs should be limited in order to maintain a good quality -FPS.

What's new in Dream Engine 5

The fifth edition of this graphic engine produces a new geometric engine called Epic IsiNanite (This is why the video is called) and, according to them, will allow developers to almost forget about polygons, as it will automatically be trusted to generate them both flow and scale, thus eliminating the need to develop standards and Lodi for them.

Also, and this is particularly impressive, is the lighting engine called lamps, Which will keep developers in need to manually manage light maps taking into account all the little details in lighting, both on the field and around the world. This engine makes lighting changes look seamless and seamless at all times.

Search engines zeNanite neLumen joined other things already seen comes Unreal Engine 4.25, such as destruction Niagara VFX y It's complicated.

What the developers

"Virtualized micropolygon geometry The Nanite engine allows artists to avoid speculating on the performance of all screen selections, and allows them to create as many as the eye can see. polygons in real-time to affect memory, thus avoiding performance issues or spatial limitations. ”

Unreal Engine 5 Demo

Lumen, meanwhile, is the world's most efficient lighting solution, which responds quickly to changing lighting fixtures. The system produced confounding by random encounters and was indirectly shown in large, detailed locations, with scales ranging from a few kilometers to a few millimeters. Artists and designers can create dynamic scenes using the Lumen, for example by changing the angle of the sun for the time of day, turn on the flashlight or a hole in the roof, equipment and indirect lights will automatically adjust accordingly. Lumen also eliminates the need to wait for light maps to be released, improving efficiency. "

I dream of Engine 5 Demo

«This reduction in quality is the result of many collaborative groups and technology. To create such large scenes with Nanite technology, the team made extensive use of the Quixel Megascans library, which provides high-quality material with cameras up to hundreds of millions of polygons. Important scenes support this size have been the huge bandwidth storage offered by the new SONY PS5. Demo and shows all the other search engines are available, such as physics and destruction kwamaChaos or up to a proverb kweNiagara VFX.

When and how will Unreal Engine 5 be released?

Engine development is almost complete, and Epic Games says we'll see it work by early 2021; in fact, it has already announced that its most popular game, Fortnite, The new engine graphics will be exported.

Unreal 5 Demo Display

Epic also said Unreal Engine 5 in particular optimized PC and consoles, and although it is unclear what, since protests were made using the PS5, it is understood that they meant, at least, to PS5 and Xbox Series XAlthough the question remains that we will see it in PS4 and Xbox One games.


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