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Do not subscribe to these three VPNs



Do not subscribe to these three VPNs

Although the detention barriers are gradually being removed, many still work from home. It is at this time that calls have grown significantly, so have the popularity of VPNs.

The political situation in some countries has also fueled such excitement software increased. Surfshark, for example (and NordVpn or PureVPN,..), increased its sales by 700% in line with the announcement of China's removal from Hong Kong independence.

Needless to say, VPNs are a very useful tool for both telephone and borderline Internet or host country. Now, you have to be careful because it's not all legal.

Last March, from we already announced that other apps may steal your information. In April, we saw how to apply some best VPN in 2020. It would be worse than directly not using any service of this kind.

We are now facing another scam: the telephone the fur of clothes. Since Avast have discovered that the three apps available on the App Store that claim to be VPNs ask you to pay a higher price if you do not provide services.

The following are three VPNs: Buckler VPN, Beetle VPN and Hat VPN Pro.

Together, these three apps downloaded more than 800,000 times last month. Its users have had to pay a price of $ 9.99 a week (about € 9) after the three-day trial ended.

However, if you sign up and try to use one of these VPNs, you will see that you are being asked to re-register. After that, you will be told that you are already registered and that you will no longer be able to connect to any server.

Below you can read some of the reviews apps that have them in the App Store. They have a good score and the ideas are clear, so you can easily fall into the trap especially if you read them above or don't speak English well.

When we analyze these reviews carefully, we will see that they all have the same tone of happiness and that they often say ridiculous things. If you learn that a VPN offers you free wifi wherever you go, then it's obviously a lie.

Most appropriate are those reviews from users who have been scammed and tried to warn others. If you are already a subscriber, we recommend that you check your bank statement to make sure you are not charged after cancellation.

We're already pretty surprised that they charge you about € 9 a week for a VPN, because it's more than four times more than those of some of the most popular VPN services. In addition, these apps do not offer you any services.

By reading the privacy policies of Scarf, Beetle and Hat VPN, we can see that they have many similarities. They are not the same but they share the same structure. Although the developer name is different, they may be part of the same complaint.

It's also amazing that they are available on the App Store and not on other platforms such as Android or Windows. Although they are currently available, we are confident that Apple will eventually remove them.

Don't fall into the hair trap

If you are looking for a reliable VPN, we suggest you take a look at our article excellent VPNs. The best way to ensure that this kind of service is recommended is to look at several professional pages. The reviews users do not always work.

The the fur of clothes is not limited to non-VPN applications only. Can be hidden behind any type of application. It usually provides a free trial period but you are asked for your bank details before using it.

This does not mean that all applications make it very clear the fur of clothes. Many applications use the same process, in the hope that you will forget to cancel your subscription before the end of the test period.

What we encourage you to do is read the terms carefully before paying for a paid app. In fact, if you are going to download it to a device used by minors, you must configure it to be installed only for adult approved applications.

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