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Excellent applications for measuring the temperature of your PC



Excellent applications for measuring the temperature of your PC

If your room goes up by degrees and you don’t know why, the biggest suspect is the PC. However, it is interesting to know which part causes this, or if there are several operating at higher temperatures than normal.

The best applications for measuring PC temperature

We find a variety of applications that allow us to measure the temperature of objects. We wanted the best choice for your safety.

Top Time

We start by focusing on our CPU, an important part of system performance. We all want our processor to be permanent, a goal we will achieve if we take good care of it. As a quick tip, try to keep it fresh.

To make sure it works at the right temperature, we get it Top Time. It is an application light, simple and intuitive. It shows the temperature of each CPU, indicating its minimum, maximum and each load of each spine.

Fortunately, it's free and easy to install. You can download it from its official page. When you installed it, this option caught our attention:

It is a compound that allows us monitor temperatures from our PC cell phone, download the app ICore Temp Monitor. In this way, we can create remote monitoring.

Once started, the main window shows us the CPU model, socket, lithography, voltage, waves; of it all. If you do double-click left, you can enlarge or reduce the details shown. Finally, highlight the BIOS update check you provide.


HWMonitor is one of the most complete applications which we can find, for it gives us the details of all our parts. In my opinion, it is one of the first apps I download when I install Windows 10 recently. It provides a lot of clarity in prices and makes good use of the sensors of our objects.

You can download it from its official website, of course for free

and it is very easy to install. We will be able to know all the information about our objects: usage, voltages, loads, usage percentages, waves, temperatures (minimum, current and maximum), disk space or fan speed.

The interface is simple and straight, has no wide navigation menus, or the like.

With HWMonitor you will know the status of your PC in real time. In fact, RivaTuner Usually using the information provided by HWMonitor to see the temperature of our items within the game.


When it comes to temperature monitoring, HWiNFO is the best option. It's free and you can download it from its official website. Note that there is a file for version ka 32 pieces with one of 64 bits. On the other hand, we recommend that you download it stable version avoiding mistakes is possible in finding. As with HWMonitor, HWiNFO acts as a data source for RivaTuner.

As soon as you run it, you will see that it follows the distribution of windows where each shows different details. Naturally, you can close and save the main navigation window in different object tabs

However, I recommend that you leave the file middle window

open because it gives us very useful summaries. Similarly, you can turn it off and navigate to different objects. We will receive any minor details of our parts.

In my opinion, an app that provides detailed information. Highly recommended for perfectionists who want to manage everything.

AIDA64 Extreme

Although not known for its monitoring function, AIDA64 is one of the best applications for measuring the temperature of your items. You can download it through its official website. Yes, it is not free like other apps. The reason is that we will get 2 × 1: the monitoring you want and the software on the bench. It is without a doubt the most complete tool.

Of course it is slightly accurate in all, because the app has the most expanded options; in fact, it is used by professionals. We get the desired temperatures in its “sensory” category. It shows the amount of information it provides, we know all the temperatures of our objects.

In this sense, the presentation of values ​​reminds us of HWMonitor, or otherwise in the same way.


A popular PC hardware product offers its own monitoring software. Originally, it was designed to create an ecosystem within its various products. However, it is software «all in 1»Very interesting which offers precautionary and override options. You can download it for free from its official website.

Theirs options vigilance is in place very basic, but it shows. We do not know the processor's load, its temperature and the speed of its heatsink, for example. In RAM we will only know its use; on hard drives, living / free space. In addition, it has a small section below that shows the processes that consume multiple resources.

For those who don’t want to have a specific plan for everything, the NZXT CAM can be a really good option.


To complete this integration of the best applications to measure PC temperature, we introduce Speccy. It’s a less used method, but that’s it it emerges from its simplicity. Here, we will not find strange details, but we will know what is right and necessary for our PC: hard drive heat, CPU, GPU and motherboard.

In the same way, it helps us to know the various things we have put in it. It has its own free version and version paid, used for 32 and 64 bit versions. You can download Speccy from its official website.

Speccy works really well, though it takes longer than usual to find all of our components. It's really amazing, because its interface is so basic and so bright. This is not a barrier to showing us too much data.

That said, experts are always turning to HWiNFO or AIDA64 for all the details in detail, putting Speccy at a personal level rather than a professional level.

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