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How do you know when it’s time to update your Mac?



How do you know when it’s time to update your Mac?

Apart from the exorbitant price it has for branded products, as on all electronic devices it has some useful life that, whether we like it or not, depends on how we use the app and how we handle it.

How do you know when it's time to update your Mac

It’s not like having a laptop refurbished in the office than always going with it (because in this case it’s going to be more prone to getting bumps and rubies, and we’ll be using more battery usage), so let’s take a look at what These are signs should make us think about upgrading a Mac.

You run out of disk space / little RAM for what you need

One of the biggest problems with Apple computers is that they rely heavily on Hardware, and if you want to buy it with more RAM or storage you should go with a box (in the past it was not, but on current Macs you no longer have the opportunity to expand RAM or disk easily because they are for sale on the board).

If you buy a Mac with a small amount of disk space, the rate at which living space uses programs and documents grows you will soon run out of space.

The same is true of RAM. In the past, it was very common for computers to sell only 4 GB of RAM, a price that today is insufficient and much higher with the MacOS operating system, which “consumes” RAM at about the same rate as Google Chrome.

If your Mac is an old one, you can give it a new life by adding more RAM memory or replacing the SSD hard drive with a larger capacity, but still, if it is too old, each update of the operating system is best done with new generation computer hardware, and because that will continue to work less and less timeously.

Bad resource

By using things it ends up being corrupted, and as we said before, this also becomes apparent with laptops if you were using it from one place to another. The laptop can fall and be damaged, or the laptop key can be damaged. It is also common to see a Mac that has been hit and its weak screen broken.

Depending on the problem you are having, and much more in Apple's case, the repair will cost you more than using the equipment already, so it's an undeniable sign that it's time to update your Mac.

You can no longer update the operating system

Apple is very fond of “organized obsolescence.” And not because he has been accused of deliberately downloading old computers with updates to his app (something that has not been proven yet), but because there has been a time when, depending on the hardware you have, he no longer allows you to keep updating new versions of the operating system.

In addition, as we mentioned earlier, each newer version is less functional as Hardware has become obsolete. With all that and that, the programs are updated and there comes a time when they tell you that they are no longer working on your operating system type, so you will not be able to continue using it.

Update Mac, or switch to Windows?

You may also be tired of the Mac. Aesthetically pleasing computers tend to last longer, but are also extremely limited when shutting down the natural closure of Apple products. For this reason, if your Mac has some of the features described above, you should probably also ask yourself if you want to continue with Mac or maybe the time has come to switch to Windows.

At the end of the day the machines are very powerful, cheap and work in many great ways. They may not be as good or they may offer more problems, but since everything has its fruits and benefits always, and when it comes time to update your Mac, you should consider that you may no longer need it and that the Windows computer will do better service.

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