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How much does Sotify cost?



How much does Sotify cost?

How much time do you spend listening to Sotify every day? If the answer is “more”, you may also be using more data than you would like and you may be surprised to see your phone bill at the end of the month.

Here we describe the amount of data used by Spotify, as well as specific tips and suggestions for reducing data usage without compromising the enjoyment of its 50 million song library on the platform.

We also tell you if Spotify Premium really suits you or if free version of Sotify That's enough.

How much data does Sotify use?

There are many factors that can affect both the amount of data consumed while streaming music on Spotify and the amount of that data that is most important in approving your monthly data.

Transfer quality is one of the most important factors, and Spotify has four quality settings with disc: ‘Low', ‘Medium', ‘High' and ‘High'. In addition to quality settings, a lot of data is used.

Here's how Spotify's various quality settings turn into real data usage, using a three-minute song as an example and saving an hour or more of playing:

Quality settingsBit rateData consumed in song 3Data consumed in 1 hour
Low24 kbits / s0.54MB10.8MB
The media96 kbits / s0.54MB43.2MB
Up160 kbits / s3.6MB72MB
Very high320 kbits / s7.2MB144MB

How to reduce data usage in Spotify

As long as you are willing to sacrifice real sound quality (depending on the speed pieces) of the music you listen to, you can make your data much faster than it used to be.

Data Saver Server

The most obvious and affordable solution is to activate the dedicated Saver Spotify feature.

To do this, open Spotify on your phone, make sure you're on the home page, and navigate to the settings menu (gear icon in the top right corner of the screen).

The first option presented to you should be “Data Saver”: tap the conversion key on Android or jump to the data Saver menu and tap the convert button on iOS to open it.

Data Saver automatically sets the quality of streaming in ‘Low' and disable Canvas, short loop videos often appear on Spotify when certain tracks are played.

Low-quality audio settings manually

By default, Spotify music quality is set to ‘Default', which varies the quality of streaming based on your internet connection (either mobile or wifi).

If you want to reduce your data usage but don't want to enable Data Saver (you probably like Canvas and want to save it), you can manually adjust the transfer quality to suit any type of connection.

Like the steps outlined in Data Saver, open Spotify on your phone, make sure you're on the home page, and navigate to the settings menu (gear icon in the top right corner of the screen).

For Android, scroll down to quality music in the settings menu and next to Decreasing Stream (and if you want, download), change it to your favorite quality setting – remember, download the best.

On iOS, scroll down and tap on Music Quality (the ninth option in the settings menu) and on the Music Quality setting screen, change the quality in the stream (and if you want, Download) in your preferred quality program – remember, the better.

Disable canvas

If you do not want to change your current music quality settings but still want to reduce Spotify's usage, turn off Canvas.

Within Spotify, look in the settings menu (gear icon in the top right corner of the screen) and on Android, scroll down to Canvas and simply turn your chin to disable the feature.

On iOS, once in the Spotify settings menu, open the play submenu (third option down), scroll down and turn the icon next to Canvas.

Play offline

Chances are you don’t want to sacrifice audio quality (or disable Canvas) to save data, and that’s okay!

Fortunately, Spotify supports offline playback, which means you can download songs to your phone while connected to Wi-Fi (so don't use any of your data assignments) in advance, and listen to them whenever you want, without gobble up and not a collection one of the mobile data.

Users of Spotify Premium and Spotify Family You will find the option to download songs, albums and playlists on their screens.

In addition to popular songs, which include download toggle, Android users will get toggle download albums and playlists, while iOS users will see a low arrow in the middle of the circle, when touched, it turns green when the download is complete.

Note: Downloading playback songs offline takes up space on your phone's storage.

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