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Many devices now rely on Internet connection, which is why the importance of having the same Broadband speed at home is more important than ever.

Unfortunately, such a huge need to provide connectivity across devices and services can adversely affect the speed, quality of connection and overall connectivity. It is for this reason that we tell you some things to use.

We point out here that we are talking about the speed of your Broadband connection, not the speed of access provided by your Wi-Fi network. We will talk about the connectivity provided by your user to connect your home.

If you want to fix this one last time, we have the full text where we talk how to improve your router's wifi signal, with practical tips to move your router to a better position, use PLC adapters or change your wifi signal station.

Even though fiber shipments in our country are mostly made, especially if we are traveling to big cities, remember that the speed of your Broadband will depend on how close you are to the repeating station or base.

The further you go, the less communication may be. Also, keep in mind that with the current epidemic created by COVID-19, where many people work from home, and students connect to their classrooms, a higher number can be filled to connect.

Last days we heard that big companies offering video internally to broadcast, like Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime have teamed up to reduce the streaming quality of their content in Europe so as not to limit network connectivity.

Factors such as watching movies and series, streaming music, and playing on a console on a highly connected network increases the need for traffic and puts infrastructure on the network. This can make your internet connection slower.

If there is something wrong with your Broadband connection, it doesn't matter if you have a high-speed Wifi network; operation is limited by the speed of the Broadband your operator allows.

Therefore, to address the root problem, it is worth doing the speed to see what settings you are dealing with. Here we recommend using, although there are many others to check your connection speed.

How to Improve Your Broadband Speed

  1. Check access for multiple devices

If you notice that your Internet connection is slow these days, the first thing to check is that it's due to a problem with your PC or laptop, phone or tablet you're using.

Try loading the same web page on more than one device and see if they both have the same downsides or actually happen to you with one of them. If so, then you've overcome the problem with your broader problem and it will be your computer or device.

  1. Restart your router

If it turns out that both devices are slow, try turning off your router and letting it switch off for a while. If there is no switch switch, you can do that by carefully disconnecting the power cord from the back and connecting it after a minute.

Like most computers, sometimes the best solution is to simply turn off and restart (restart). You'll have to wait a few minutes for it to completely restart, but this usually gives the router a chance to fix it.

  1. Check the service status of your Broadband provider

The next step is to find out if there are any problems with Broadband connection in your area or zone that may affect not only your communications, but will also include your neighbors or various homes. Check out social media or call your operator.

There may be problems with your line only, due to a lack of data exchange or possibly cable damage associated with your home. Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and ask them if they can check the cable status.

Tip: Don't forget that your Broadband connection can be stolen even if you pay for the service privately. Try to do a quick test at different times of the day, as the speed may vary depending on the number of people using it.

  1. Make a diagnosis and refresh your router

If there is no problem with your ISP or line, the problem may be with your router. Many have software Checking yourself can try to speed up to see if that raises any related issues. You can try your review again firmware.

You can find the applicable guidelines on the device manufacturer's website. If all else fails, you may want to try a different router.

If you are using a router provided by your ISP, you can contact technical assistance and request a replacement or repair. If you are going to need one purchase check out our article the best wifi router of the year.


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