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How to change the DVD drive of your laptop to make the drive harder



How to change the DVD drive of your laptop to make the drive harder

Optical drives are less of a reality, and the proof of this is that fewer and fewer laptops are installed, and in fact even desktop PC cases usually come out at 5.25 ″ bays to install this type of units. However, if you have a laptop that still includes one of these, below we will show you how to replace it with an expandable drive to increase its storage capacity.

As a matter of fact, this may not work on all laptops as it depends on how the optical drive is installed. Make sure it is compatible with your specific model before buying anything and introduce yourself to follow this tutorial.

Required items

Since optical drivers on laptops use the same SATA interface as 2-inch SSDs and hard drives, you will need just an adapter that you can buy at any online store for very little money.

In addition to this adapter, you will need a hard drive or SSD in a 2.5 ″ format and, as a general rule, it should be at least 7 / 9.5 mm thick (something common today). The volume and type are up to you, but make sure the size and connections are SATA 3.

Finally, you will need the only star screwdriver (Philips) we all have at home.

How to replace your laptop or SSD drive

Once you have everything in use, the first step is to remove the Optical drive from the laptop. In most laptop models you will not need to turn it on or off so that you can do that, because the common thing is that there are one or two screws at the bottom of the machine that, removing them and pulling the unit, will allow us to remove them.

The next step is to insert your hard drive or SSD into the adapter. As a general rule you will simply adjust it, without the need for screws, and simply make sure that the SATA disk or SSD connector fits snugly into the adapter. Simple instructions for this are usually included in the adapter itself.

Now, if your computer's Optical drive had an external cover to look perfect on the outside, you will have to remove it and wrap it in an adapter. It usually has regular anchors and you will have no problems. Once that is done, simply plug the adapter into your laptop optical drive slot and make sure you do it the right way.

Now just insert the screw you removed at the beginning, before removing the optical drive, and voila. If you have done everything right, the next time you turn on your laptop you should get a hard drive or SSD as just another computer drive, and you can use it normally.

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