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How to change the voice, language and speed of Alexa



How to change the voice, language and speed of Alexa

By setting up a new Amazon Echo device, or something with Alexa built-in, you will know that their voice stays the same. This is so because, in some cases, there is only one word in each language.

If you fix it in Spain, for example, you will have the Spanish version of Alexa in Spain. If you prepare it in any Latin American country, on the other hand, you will find the Spanish version of the voice assistant from Amazon in Mexico.

In some lands, such as the United States, Canada, and India, there are many bilingual alternatives. Alexa will know the language you speak and will respond to you in that language.

Therefore, in the United States you can use it in English (United States) or Spanish (Mexico); in Canada, you can use it in English (Canada) and French (Canada); and in India, you can use it in English (India) or Hindi. In other countries, there is one option.

Is there an Alexa type with a male voice?

No. Unlike Google Assistant and Siri, Alexa voice type is not optional. Alexa always has a female voice (usually). It is true that, in the United States, they bought this version in the voice of Samuel L. Jackson, but nothing else.

How to change Alexa voice

As we said, Alexa's voice tone cannot be changed, only the language she uses. In the case of Spanish, it can be chosen by the standard Spanish standard or the Mexican standard for Latin American citizens.

If you like, you can choose any available language, which can be a good idea if you want to learn a new language. The good thing is that you can choose a different language for each of your devices.

Follow the steps below to change the Alexa language:

1. Open the ‘Ali' app.

2. Open the stop menu by tapping on the icon with the lines in the top left corner.

3. Then tap on ‘Settings' followed by ‘Device Settings'.

4. Now find your Echo device in the list and tap on it.

5. Swipe down and touch ‘Language'.

6. Finally, select the language you want to use Alexa.

If the language you selected does not match completely in your country, you will receive a message informing you that it does not match your Amazon account. That means others skills and performance may stop working.

By accepting the change, you will see that the app indicates that a new language is being uploaded to your Echo. The procedure should not take more than 30 seconds. Once you've downloaded, Alexa will respond in a new language the next time you use it.

How to change the speed at which Alexa is chatting

This might be easier if you want to know if Alexa is giving her answers too quickly or too much. There are seven different speeds: normal, two slower than normal, and four faster than normal.

To change Alexa speed, you must state the following:

  • “Alexa, talk less” (slowing down)
  • “Alexa, speak faster” (speed up)
  • “Alexa, talk about your default speed” (reset changes)

As before, the changes are used only individually, not on all devices.

How to change the Alexa username

If your name is Alexa, Alex or something similar (or if you live with someone with this name), you may have noticed that Amazon's voice assistant is confused when you say the name. In this case it will be useful to be able to change the unlock name to ‘Amazon', ‘Echo' or ‘Computer'.

To do this, you will also need to go to the ‘Al' app:

1. Open the ‘Ali' app.

2. From the App main menu, tap on ‘Settings' followed by ‘Device Settings'

3. Select the Echo device you want to change settings.

4. Now, tap on ‘Online activation'.

5. Finally, tap the name you want to use to open the Echo program. It is not currently possible to customize your username.

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