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How to disable Windows key on any keyboard



How to disable Windows key on any keyboard

Most PC keyboards, regardless of their range, include Windows key, as it allows us to perform additional functions in the Microsoft operating system, which, whether we like it or not, is the most widely used. Many gaming keyboards include a “game mode” function that allows you to disable this key, but this is not the case standard keyboards and it could be a headache. Fortunately, you can disable Windows key on any keyboard, then we'll show you how to do it easily and quickly.

Gambling keyboards have a long-acting Windows key functionality, since then is located between the control keys and the ALT, made many keytrokes non-interactive, causing the Windows Start menu to open and remove you from the game. However, this key – which is very useful for navigation in the operating system – can also cause you to choose not to play, which can cause minor annoyance.

So, whatever keyboard you have, in this article we will show you how to disable this and the other keys you want in a simple way.

How to disable Windows key on keyboard

In order to unlock Windows key or any other key, we will need to use Microsoft PowerToys tools, which you can download for free from their Github repository. Another requirement is to install NET Core on the PC, but you should not worry because the PowerToys installer will detect whether you have already installed it or not, and if not, it will offer to install it automatically.

Once Microsoft PowerToys is installed, simply open the tool and click on “Keyboard Manager” in the left-hand menu. Inside you will find the option “Remap keys”.

In the window that opens, the first thing you have to do is click the + icon below, and then you have to look for the Windows key (or the one you want to disable, because this functionality is not limited to this key only) in the left column. You can also click the «Type Key» button to press a key on the keyboard, to be automatically identified. Now on the right, simply select “Undefined” from the drop-down menu.

In this way, you literally disable the Windows key and make it useless; you should check this, because that key will no longer be used for anything. If you click on Accept, in fact, you will receive a warning message (you must click Continue anyway to continue).

How to reuse a disabled key

However, it is very easy to go back, you have to go into the same menu and then click on the trash icon from the right to delete this assignment, so that the inactive key will return to its original function.

This way, the “redesign” we made earlier will be canceled and everything will return to the point where you haven't changed anything. Also keep in mind that this method can be used with any key, and keep in mind that most keyboards have two Windows keys, one between Control and ALT on the left, and one between ALT Gr and a separate / Right Control key.

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