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How to properly choose a PC gaming mat



How to properly choose a PC gaming mat

First of all, you have to classify the type of gaming mat depending on the material used. While it is true that the best sellers are fabrics, there are ABS plastic ribbons with minimal components, as well as glass. In any case, we will try to approach the advice from all points of view so that they are not inaccurate, because the type of material used is personal to the player.

How to choose a toy properly?


It is very important, but it helps a lot according to which gamer. This has a positive effect on the way you hold the mouse and the height from the arm of the chair to the table. There are players who put a lot of pressure on the arm and hand, because they support more surface area to gain accuracy when making faster movements, others hardly touch the side of the thigh.

From the premise that we will choose fabric as fabric, if we are one of the first users mentioned, then the best is to choose the best one. It will give us a lot of momentum and we will have less pain after playing for hours.

If we are one of those who are slowly touching the mat, the bottom line is the size to maintain the angle with the elbow and bicep. If, on the other hand, we are made of hard materials made of small documents, there will be no choice and each model will include the dimensions described earlier, so it is important to look at the previous points because wearing surface and leather when traveling quickly can be fun.


As always this depends on the specific player and CPI you use in your mouse. As a general rule, a sports mat should not be less than 20 cm wide and 15 cm high, whether playing at 8000 or 16000 CPI, it is easy to stand upright and precise.

Whether we want to or not, at some point in the game we put the mouse in by lifting it from the mat and if it isn't big enough we can reach the edge at some point. Player positioning should also be taken into account here, as there are people who keep the keyboard perfectly matched to the table top and play with the mouse in color.

In these cases, we will either have to move the marker to a comfortable position for ourselves or choose a larger size and even a newer model of the standing market, where the farthest is wider.

Non-hot surface

Sadly enough, fabrics or cloth-covered covers, including, tend to have the best hold on any surface, including glass. With flexibility, support points are more effective and generally to better keep track of the player, let alone replace them.

The rigid mats are an alternative, because they have a rubber surface that does not provide as much as a general rule, although recent models correct this for greater flexibility in the same non-combustible environment.

In any case, if you are one of the players supporting the ankle and forearm, the pressure on the barrel is so high that there will be no model in the market that will not remove a millimeter.

In these cases, size doesn't matter, because it means more to the table.

Various features of the gaming kit

Here arrives there will be requirements that are outside of what the game itself is, for example LED lights, USB HUB, QI charging or product interest sync programs. How can you fix it? Yes, we must also look at our real needs and not the false or the future.

USB Hubs are especially useful when playing with wireless mice, since we can place the receiver very close to the mouse and gain accuracy. LED lights can be interesting if we have drawings that are compatible with the PC lighting system, either by brand or in combination with software.

QI charging is interesting for mice or cell phones with such a system, but there is something wrong with the fact that we cannot leave anything of metal in the barrel, much less with magnetic polarity. In short, the choice of gaming is just yours: no one will tell you which one is best for you, you have to decide based on the guidelines given and knowing your style of play.

Analyze the video recording of how you play with the mouse, both from a wide and upward plane, check how much pressure you are pushing, how you support the mouse, how many times you lift it per minute and above all, how far you move it. Only knowing your style of play will you be able to choose well.

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