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How to speed up wifi speed




The route they have more work these days: on the other hand, we have more and more devices that need to connect to the wifi network; On the other hand, the detention status means that it has to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network for 24 hours.

From smartphones, computers, smartTVs and home appliances require continuous wifi connection. Added to this are the smart speakers, thermostats, security cameras, and bends we offer Netflix, especially during the split.

The good news is that you may not need to spend money to fix this – there are ways to speed up free wifi. However, if the originator is slightly wider or a route age, you may need to consider updating the package as well hardware.

But before you buy anything, try the tips below.

Submit your own route

We haven't seen you many times: routers lying under a sofa or hidden in a corner. We understand that you don't want a bad router box to interfere with your living room design, but if you want good Wi-Fi connection, you'll have to route in the light.

The best place for them is inside your house. For many users this is not possible because their phone line or cable box is on the front wall of their property. However, if you can, find the extension cord by telephone and move it to another route to be more or less at the center and as high as possible from the ground.

This will give you a great opportunity to offer strong and fast wifi to all areas of the house and avoid those dark spots.

Prevent disruption

Wi-Fi can be a problem,

Even some well-lit lamps will distort the signal and reduce the unseen slower speed since 1999's modal modem.

So keep the area around route Free from other electronic devices, or face the consequences.

Switch wifi channels

Even thought route It's not close to a wireless signal device, it's very likely that your wifi is distributed at the same station as your neighbors, and it's like when there are too many cars on the highway, things can get caught.

You see, even though most countries offer six channels that don't come over (frequency 1, 6, 11, and 14, but this varies), most routers default on station 1 or station 6.

What you can do to download an app like NetSpot Wi-Fi Analyzer for PC either Wifi Analyzer for Android see which channels are currently used nearby.

From there, you can go to the Configuration menu for route and manually select the new channel you want to broadcast. The problem is that there are too many routers with control panels available, it's almost impossible to tell you how to do it for you route straightforward, but for a quick look Google should provide you with the information you need.

Use instant settings

The routers they are not simple things to use. You should not be expected to understand the difference between Wi-Fi rates and quantity, but only the best routers They will provide you with the fastest possible speed of need for manual intervention.

In fact, most Wi-Fi devices currently use the 802.11ac standard, but, confusingly, there are two frequencies to use. If you route It & # 39; s dual band & # 39; which can deliver wifi at 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

Since 2.4GHz is more common and has a better bandwidth than the 5GHz variant, you and all your neighbors devices may be struggling to share available channels.

If your phone, tablet, A laptop or other device is able to connect to 5GHz, switch to that instead. As long as it's close to you route, you will have fast and reliable communication.

Others route They transfer to two different Wi-Fi networks, making it easy to see which one, but the other ones (especially BT & # 39; s Home Hub and many MT-Wi-Fi systems) you integrate – you have to sign in

route preparing it to show two groups separately.

Refresh the antennas

Others routers they have horns that can be pulled out. If that applies to route you use them now, you can buy larger versions with higher profits. This means fast and powerful Wi-Fi signal throughout the house without the need to buy a new one. route.

The cheapest way – which also helps if you can't reposition your body route – Making a poster displayed behind route then points in the opposite direction.

Dartmouth College students have successfully demonstrated that a simple tin display can effectively increase Wi-Fi coverage on the side of the display.

It also has the second benefit of reducing the backlash, so that you don't end up spreading it on the street outside, or in your neighbors' homes. It may look a little like the Doctor who made the most awkward costumes since the '70s, but he should make a noticeable difference in the performance of Wi-Fi.

Restart yours route once in a while

It's a standard answer from a computer expert, but have you tried to turn it off again and again? This old tactic cures a lot of problems and you may find that quick wifi is restored after the restart.

One thing to restart is to disconnect each device from the network and force it to reconnect. It's also good to set a password without default if someone is taking advantage of your connection. More routers For future boxing insurance, that's a good thing, but it should be checked regularly.

Update yours route

If you have a really old model, it might be time to buy something better. Wifi technology has come a long way in recent years and there are many options.

One of them is to replace the router with a new model that uses 802.11ac (maybe get one that supports IN-MIMO better security for the future) or you can spend big money on wifi router 6 to take advantage of the latest generation wifi speed.

Not all look like the Asus-smart model from above, but most will improve coverage and speed.

A better option would be to invest in a set of power adapters with built-in Wi-Fi, though this should only be if you have a certain corner of your home – even one room – which is currently a dark Wi-Fi hotspot.

It is more expensive, but also more efficient and easier to use, investing in a mesh wifi system. These kits they contain many routers communicating with someone also spreads fast and consistent wifi even in large houses.


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