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How to upgrade my router's wifi signal




If you happen to have problems with your home's Wi-Fi connection and the coverage is lost or simply the connection speed is low or low, you should know that it is a problem that you can solve by simply changing your broadcast channel route.

It may not be as easy as changing a channel on your television, but with our step-by-step instructions you can change your channel route wifi to avoid interruptions that occur with your neighbors' communications.

First of all, you should know that many are route Today they use dual d-band connectivity technology, using both the 2.4 GHz band frequency of 802.11n and the 5GHz band of 802.11ac and 802.11n. In fact, there is a channel option for each frequency.

In fact, i route They can choose from a few different channels and many choose them in the initial configuration depending on whether they are free or integrated with other nearby networks.

An excellent wifi station, therefore, is not used by this neighboring connection. By manually switching to an integrated channel, or used by another network, your Wi-Fi should improve dramatically.

We'll show you how to know which channels are most crowded and integrated to convert a channel there route emits signal.

How to see my wifi signal station?

When a neighbor changes route or operator, yours may be attached to the default or selected station when you first set it up, which is why, it can one day deliver a lot of speed, and in the future, provide the wrong quality.

Some private label routers, such as those usually installed by anyone with fiber at home, can change their channel to avoid interruptions, but on a much more basic level. That is why we recommend that you become route further improvements to improve signal quality.

When multiple Wi-Fi networks overlap due to the difficulty they exude, they can cause a lot of interruptions between them and even end up contributing a little faster to connected devices, which means that web pages will take longer to load and videos to broadcast they will stand or stick.

If poor wifi coverage is the cause of the problem, you can solve it by deploying a wifi mesh kit, which today we know as a Mesh network with similar products offered by products like AVM.

Expand your network with Mesh

With Mesh it is found that several devices distributed throughout the rooms of your house manage to produce several Wi-Fi networks, to integrate them into a single network (mesh in English). For practical purposes, this wireless network stores the same password and password.

Devices communicate with each other and depending on your location or device used, you get the signal with the best quality and the highest speed to have the best possible connection result.

Fritz model! Repeats 3000, which you can buy on Amazon, m akes it easy to start so you only press the WPS button on

route as in recovery so that devices are paired.

From here, the recipient holds the wireless network settings to support your devices route previously automatically. It also ensures encryption of information using the WPA2 protocol, ensuring that the information in the communication is secure.

What do I do if I don't have a Mesh device?

If, before investing in new equipment like the one shown, you want to try changing your broadcast channel route Looking for a solution, follow the steps below to fix it.

First, you need to find out which channels are used by nearby networks and which ones are yours route. To get this, you can use one a free Android app like wifi Analyzer. It is also available for Windows 10.

The route For well-known products, they often provide this type of information to your mobile device's application, or when you enter device control mode.

There is no exact equivalent for iOS, and apps in Apple & # 39; s App Store are not allowed to report signal strength, either, so it's best to use Android or Windows applications.

Start by making sure your phone or tablet is connected to your Wi-Fi network (unlike 3G or 4G), and then open the app. If you route It has separate 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks, connect to each one and check which one is the smallest.

You will see a graph showing Wi-Fi networks near you, separated by different colors. You can also see the channels used individually for signal strength (high curve indicates that their signal is strong).

This will give you an idea of ​​whether your network has a strong or weak signal and whether the channel is currently configured to be full or not. This will help you decide which channel you need to use. It is noted that there are 13 stations, all but 1, 6 and 11 above. Therefore, choose a channel as far away as possible from the networks with greater power from your neighbors.

It is the vertex (the highest point of parabola) that tells you which channel you are using. In the example above, you can see that the 2.4GHz frequency is very high and no "clear" channel number is visible. Our network is designed for channel 6 and has the strongest signal, but the other three networks are still active.

To route and that supports 5 GHz, it's worth connecting your phone or tablet to that network to see if there's a reduction. Others route They have different names and network which makes it easy to see which one, but some basic models issue with one name and your device determines which network to connect to.

If possible, search for the configuration of your router's wifi selection (see below) to see if you can force it to show up to 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks separately so you can connect with one 5 GHz.

Both of you route As your phone or tablet must be compatible with 5 GHz wifi for this to work. However, it is often referred to as single-band wifi in a specified range, rather than 5 GHz.

If you want to set up your phone or other devices (such as your laptop) that automatically connect to your 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection route, and using only 5 GHz, you must access the Wi-Fi configuration and click & # 39; Forget this network & # 39;

After that, find your 5 GHz network name and connect to it.

How to change my wifi streaming channel?

You need access to your web interface route. This can be done by opening a web browser and typing this IP address route. You can get this number printed yourself route or in its book.

There are products like AVM that integrate the communication of their devices, so you only have to enter your name access management of route.

If you choose to use Windows PC, you can try opening the command prompt in Windows (PowerShell in later versions) where you can type & # 39; ipconfig & # 39; without any measurements. Now search the resulting text for your default login address route which is usually the same as

By typing this default gateway address into your browser's search bar, you should be able to access your password and password. route be able to manage.

Next, you'll be asked to enter a username and password, data that if you haven't changed, you'll find it written on the screen itself. Ideally, change the default password to prevent other people from accessing your device settings.

Now look inside the wifi settings of the channel number where the connection is transmitted. Please note that if your router is a dual band and operates at 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands, you will need to select a channel separately.

The optional location will vary depending on the device manufacturer. We have used one of the AVMs and can easily find the channel configuration by clicking the Avanzadas Advanced Options & # 39; main page.

We then select Inalámbrica Wireless & # 39; s configuration from the menu settings and switch from default mode to wireless network configuration. Choose small aggregate values ​​and be sure to save your changes.

Hopefully this will fix your problem. However, in tall buildings in a large area with a lot of housing, there may be many networks nearby, which may be more likely to find a better Wi-Fi network.

As a last step, you can call your Internet provider to request that they provide technical assistance remotely. They also often reach out to your constituents route convert these numbers and make them remotely.

To finish, we leave you linking the article where you will find the complete list of them excellent wifi router.


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