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How to use ‘Your Phone’ application in Windows 10



How to use ‘Your Phone’ application in Windows 10

Windows 10 October 2018 update attempted to bridge the gap, with the release of your phone app from Microsoft. This means that you can now access calls, messages and notifications from your phone without leaving your computer desktop.

Ironically, this applies to all latest Android devices, as well as iOS.

One of the biggest attractions of Apple products is undoubtedly how all the information can be integrated among all the Apple products you have. In this sense, it seems that Microsoft has been lagging behind, something that has been even more noticed since it decided to give up Windows smartphones.

Why should I use your phone app?

We all know that if you try to work, your phone can be an interesting source of intrigue.

It's much easier to ignore the notification in the corner of your laptop screen than before and inside the center of your phone. Also, most desktop applications won't send you notifications unless you open the program, which should reduce the interruption.

When you're ready to look at your phone, there's a good pace of work. In addition to receiving notifications, you can make and receive calls, send messages, and use your phone's options.

The latest update has included the ability to control the music playing on your phone. This means you can easily play/pause, skip tracks and turn on your music provider without leaving your desk.

How to use your phone with Windows 10

First, you must download the app Your phone in the Google Play store. It might be on your phone if you have a Samsung device, and the Windows 10 version comes pre-installed on your device.

  • On your Android device, visit
  • This should prompt you to download the app from Google StoreAlthough it may be pre-installed if you have a Samsung phone.
  • Once downloaded, open the program and log in with your Microsoft account. You should make sure that it is the same one you started on your PC for it to work.
  • Open your phone program on your computer and select Android phone.
  • Both devices should see each other, but if not, check the QR code that appears with your phone's camera and be sure to get into the desktop too.
  • A notification should appear on your phone requesting permission, enable tap.
  • Check the box to say that you have installed the app and the application is open.

Done! You should now see Notifications, Messages, Photos, Phone Screen and Tabs Calls from your Windows 10 computer.

According to Windows, there will be many more features soon. The first is Picture-in-Picture mode, which will allow users to keep individual text conversations separate from the rest of the application. There will also be an option to call your contacts directly from the Messages tab, with the desktop information active.

Elsewhere, the phone will now offer the ability to directly copy text from a picture by right-clicking on it.

These features will be available to members of the Windows Insider Program in the coming weeks. A good recording of Windows Latest means we have no reason to doubt what they say here.

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