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How to Watch Kimmy vs. Pastor, an active episode of Netflix



How to Watch Kimmy vs. Pastor, an active episode of Netflix

The first season of Sad Kimmy Schmidt he finds, to those who did not know him Office, all the talent of Ellie Kemper, the lead actor. The next three seasons confirmed it again, even though the series was out of favor.

Although, of course, the strongest fans of this comedy created by Tina Fey and Robert Carlock will not agree with us and will celebrate with great enthusiasm that a special Chapter Kimmy vs the Reverend I finally arrived in Spain.

What does Kimmy argue with the pastor?

Kimmy vs the Reverend the title of the special episode's Sad Kimmy Schmidt. It’s not only “special” because it’s not part of the four seasons of the series, but also because it’s interactive.

Netflix is ​​few active series. Start in this field with Black Mirror: Bandersnatch in the year 2018, and then two years later another part of the pl atform is entered where you can decide on the end.

In this case, your job will be to help the good Kimmy to deal with the priest who kidnapped her when she was younger. After finding out you have a second bunker, the striker must do everything possible to save them.

Of course, in this special chapter you will not miss the presence of favorite characters of the series, such as Titus (Tituss Burgess), Jacqueline (Jane Krakowski) and Lillian (Car K Kane).

Kimmy Schmidt's interactive premiere episode can't work?

Kimmy vs the Reverend (Kimmy vs the Reverend In its first article) led in the United States on May 20 and has already been nominated in two categories emmy award: Best TV Movie with Best Supporting Actor in Miniseries or TV Movie.

In Spain, however, we have had to wait a few months to enjoy this new chapter of Netflix. Its official Prime Minister for Netflix Spain is Wednesday, August 5th.

How can you watch Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs Pastor?

As you may have guessed, the only way to see this chapter Kimmy vs the Reverend by Netflix, so you need to have an account on the platform (or you can criticize a friend).

Netflix no longer offers us free time, so you will not be able to choose without betting on one of their subscription plans. You can choose only the basic plan for € 7.99 per month, the standard plan for € 11.99 per month or the premium plan for € 15.99 per month.

In case you are in a country where there is no local version of Netflix (or if you are on vacation abroad and want to see it from your account in Spanish), you should drag NordVPN, which allows you to connect to Spanish IP and enjoy all the content as if you were in Spain.

Where can you watch Kimmy Schmidt (seasons 1-4) incorruptible?

The same is true for all four seasons Sad Kimmy Schmidt, found only in Spain Netflix. There are a total of 51 chapters, 13 of each period except the last, with only 12 chapters.

There are several ways to have fun: it will be enough to install the Netflix app installed on your device. If you want to see them from TV and you don't have Smart TV, just connect your own smartphone, tablet or laptop on your TV with HDMI cable or you Chromecast.

Kimmy Schmidt's inaccessible trailer: Kimmy vs pastor

A few days ago an official trailer in Spain for Kimmy vs the Reverend. In addition to giving us a little summary of who Kimmy Schmidt is, it also gives us an idea of ​​what kind of things we can decide on a building.

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