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Install the new AMD chipset driver if you have problems




"This new version of the AMD chip driver includes new installations from scratch, with a new display, a repository, and a more efficient installer."

This is stated by the installer when we will download it from the AMD website. However, as we mentioned, many users complain that the installer is blocked and not installed. Do you have the same problem? Then keep reading, because below we'll tell you the possible solution.

How to install chipD driver for chipset

It seems so input remains at 0%, and even if you leave it at the "think" hour, the progress bar doesn't improve and the driver is not included. Even if you shut down the installer and restart your computer to try again, the same thing always happens; likewise, even if you uninstall the previous version

you installed, the problem still exists and you have not installed the new version.

ChipD driver driver installerIf something you tried worked on, what you should do was open a window Command Prompt as Administrator (Right-click the Start button -> Command Prompt (administrator). From there, you should go to the folder where you have the installation. For example, let's say you downloaded the AMD chipset driver file in C: AMD Drivers; then, you need to enter these two commands. (type and press ENTER):

"Cd "

"Cd C: AMD Drivers"

Once you get there, you must use the installer name with the following command:

Start AMD_Chipset_Software.exe / S

That will start installing again, as a manager, with users reporting that this has allowed them to open the installation. In some cases, they report that the progress bar starts to accelerate quickly, although in others they say it continues to stay at 0% for a few minutes and goes straight to 100%. In any case, there are also users reporting that this method did not work for them, even in small quantities, in the quantity they used.

Remember, however, installing a new chipset driver is usually optional, because as a general rule you never need to update it unless you have problems. Either way, and remember that on the AMD website you can still download the previous version, if it continues to give you problems. Of course AMD is aware of the new issues that have been introduced and will be releasing new updates soon.


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