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Intel i7-1165G7 GPU Gen 12, faster than Vega 8 and MX350



Intel i7-1165G7 GPU Gen 12, faster than Vega 8 and MX350

As usual, we're talking about a GPU set for laptops, which, it seems, will put a lot of strain on some of its competitors' alternatives, and we also point out that the CPU when installed is not the fastest Intel is introduced to the market.

Intel Gen 12, old enough to compete with NVIDIA?

As we have seen on other occasions with the 7-1165G7 CPU, which we are already familiar with, we are talking about a 4-core processor and an 8-compile 96-core EUE GPU with 96 EU directories. 788 cores the number.

The frequency is always there 1,3 GHz for a total TDP of 15 watts, which can be raised to 28 watts (c-TDP) if required by a laptop manufacturer. This GPU is tested with 4266 MHz LPDDR4X memory, so even though it will share resources, bandwidth is interesting to see what it can do with the NVIDIA MX350 with 2R dedicated VRAM

and very quickly.

This NVIDIA GPU has 5 SM (640 Shaders) a 1.47 GHz, so you have smaller muscles, but soon, don't forget dedicated VRAM which is a great benefit. Both GPUs have been tested on Lenovo laptops (82CU vs 81YL), although in a different version of Gebenbench (4.4.2 vs 4.3.3) this is not very different due to its proximity.

As we can see, the points were there 59545 points Intel's GPU and 59828 points for NVIDIA GPU. It's great for the blue team even though it has no VRAM memory and also puts NVIDIA on the ropes which will also respond appreciatively to the standard GPU so it can make a difference.

AMD is also in crisis, Intel will leave them far in the IGPU with i7-1165G7

The Ryzen 4000 model boots have been a breath of fresh air in terms of performance, range and price in the sector. But what Ice Lake-U and Comet Lake-U have to offer was just a sign of what was to come with this new Tiger Lake-U.

And despite the recent reveal and new arrival in the market, these Ryzen 4000s will be ahead of Intel's Gen 12, which will be offered in textbooks in theory theaters before the end of this summer and marks a huge GAP that AMD won't attend. to be able to close until the following year.

In fact, a Ryzen 7 4800U with your iGPU Vega 8 (512 Shaders is 1.75 GHz) is 22.10% behind under similar conditions with the Intel i7-1165G7 processor. Sure, it has less than 30% Shaders, but it gets 35% faster compared to Intel GPU, so the performance difference is very sharp for the Blues and can only be compensated or bowed to the Ryzen 5000 for laptops following the Zen 3 launch in Q3- Q4 of this year.

That assumes that AMD is very quick to introduce this new range of laput APUs and not drop it by 2021, which should include the construction of rDNA2, with all the benefits mentioned by this.

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