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Intel Optane PCIe 4.0 SSD: days, characteristics and abilities




While Optane as a technology does not enter the mainstream consumer market, the fact is that Intel is sending a series of prices for its SSDs rather than exploits. Its latest technology devices are codenamed Keystone Harbor, has been isemakethe since last year under which The 144-layer 3D NAND QLC and now in 2020 they plan to take a step forward to better adapt themselves to the market.

Posted driveed more than 10 million of Optane QLC SSD

3D Layer Cake YMTC

The number offers a few doubts about the acceptability of the market segment, especially the business that is taking advantage of the advantages of Optane technology, but instead the consumer market appears to be negligible.

Intel is currently dominating the market yokuxinelwa of the chip with The 3D NAND Flash QLC 144 layers ahead of SK Hynix, WD, Samsung, Micron and YMTC, but as we saw about a year ago, they've been working Memories 5-bit PLC

Each cell enough time.

Intel Optane 905P

Since they're not and it looks like soon, the movement of the company in this field always includes blue colors on the concrete floor. The first of them will arrive this year, and the second is related to the generation of preparing the same layers: Alder Stream Optane.

This new batch of devices will arrive in 2020 based on visual kwizinguqulo, and later in 2021 surrendered after two zembobo. Alder Stream Optane (SSD) uses the second version of 3D technology XPoint the many benefits of applications.

Increasing number of layers, new controller and Optane PCIe 4.0

Intel Optane roadmap

Very subtle in the second generations of Optane SSD from the number of layers deposited by Intel. So we went from one layer per level to 4 layers in each of their structures, which should not only improve the performance itself, but also increase the capacity of the devices.

DC Current P4800X reaches up to 1.5 TB port twice, so the first rumors once again the company's two new options. Codename quoted as Barlow Pass (Continuous memory) and it is expected that part of the end consumer skills to access The TB-DIMM, something that would match them in the current competition.

Intel Optane Technology Workshop Analyst

Another key part of a new remote installation of the basic display with the new firmware to allow the health and support of PCIe 4.0, so jump performance bandwidths and MB / s visibility as to its installation.

The question logically lies in its accuracy, will this second-generation Optane be able to get read and write sequentially to attract the average user? Not enough time for this mystery was revealed.


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