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Intel provides insurance overuls to Comet Lake CPUs




Those users who decide to purchase the Intel Core 10th generation processor that can be unlocked (series K,) will now be able to take out insurance where, if the processor is damaged by overulsing it, Intel will be careful to convert it at no extra cost. . The goal is to provide users enthusiastic about the peace of mind that they can experiment with their tongues without fear discontinued if a "waste" to make the OC.

Intel & # 39; s oversale insurance

As in previous generations of processors, Intel will only offer this insurance to its open source processors. i9 Core, Core p7 and Core i5.

ModelBase priceCores / ThreadsBase / BoostL3 cache (MB)TDP (W)RAM support
Core i9-10900K / KF$ 488 (K) / $ 472 (KF)10/203.7 / 5.3 GHztwo125Dual DDR4-2933
Core i7-10700K / KF$ 374 (K) / $ 349 (KF)8/163.8 / 5.1 GHz16.125Dual DDR4-2933
Core i5-10600K / KF$ 262 (K) / $ 237 (KF)6/124.1 / 4.8 GHz12125Dual DDR4-2933

This insurance is open to internal and HEDT examiners, but not to entry level participants. The price of insurance is this $ 19.99 for processors in the middle of the rangebut of $ 29.99 when it comes to high-end processors HEDT. No matter which model yomprosesa you want to protect, the price would be doomed because it only depends on its grade, and in fact, the same amount of insurance work in the past generation.

If we value this proposal from Intel from an economic point of view, it is in fact a pledge to extremists. To give an example, the Core i9-10900K which was priced at $ 599.99 (saved, despite the fact that IMSRP Intel is $ 188 lower) could cost us just one more 4% of its price

to protect it, and if the processor explodes when overloaded, Intel will give us one for free.

Intel Core i9-10900k

Just remember that insurance is limited only if the processor to break out when you inhale. In other words, if you're going to go broke, for example, because power surgeries have damaged all your gear, then you wouldn't be covered.

What does one have to do to buy this insurance?

You must sign in on the website of the Intel Tuning Plan, where you can search for your processor and enter the number you want to keep (to ensure total amount).

Intel access is safe

Once this is done, the milling must be added to the "shopping cart" in the lower case, and from then on it will operate like almost all stores online, that is, we will have a subscription, etc. In fact, it will need to enter the serial number of the processor we want to extract, so However, it should be recognized that a mistake because at the moment the machine PROCESSING falling apart and we want to use the key, as is logical, should be the one to have serial number stored.


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