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Intel Tiger Lake: processors, features and specifications



Intel Tiger Lake: processors, features and specifications

While it is true that Intel has focused on this construction in its early stages in moving and reducing equipment space, changes in the company are so common, that it has revived the traditional logo.

Intel Tiger Lake, 10 nm ++ SuperFin and SuperMIM, new cores and new iGPU arrives

Much of what was discussed was already leaked, so we started with a profit when we talked, for example, about Willow Cove calls. This basic construction is based on Sunny Cove and its massive development, but brings some of the most interesting, such as repositioning depots (1.25 MB of L2 and 3 MB of L3 layer), optimization SuperFin transistors and hardware hardware enhancements for major attacks.

Starting with SuperFin transistors, Intel says the upgrades are the same in terms of performance as if there were node reductions (not to be confused with complexity).

The FinFet-based SuperFin will be the last to install this transistors, but as expected and after 14 nm observations and its unique variations, Intel has been able to improve the Gates process with an additional pitch, improving water efficiency.

Closing the circle, SuperMIM refers to capacitors, achieving an increase of power up to 5 times and reducing the same resistance by up to 30%, a surprising number given Intel's problems with first generation 10nm. This interpretation also summarizes, in that Willow Cove is able to get higher frequency with lower power consumption compared to Sunny Cove, which is why the numbers are handled by new processors.

Intel relies on its 10nm ++ so much so that it claims to have achieved a performance increase of 17-18%, which could produce higher prices than the 7nm TSMC that includes AMD CPUs and APUs. According to the CPI, Intel says profits also exist in double digits, but not against Skylake as before, but against Sunny Cove.

Intel Xe is just getting started and can be amazing

The most talked about and perhaps the most sensible point in Intel has undoubtedly been its new Xe design, as the company’s promises were worthless and less than double the performance of its previous generation Gen 11.

With this and in its advanced configuration as an iGPU, the chips will have 96 EU cables with 768 Shaders and 3.8 MB of dedicated L3. Although the speed was said to be at least 1.35 GHz in Boost, preliminary data and leaks have shown that it could rise to 1.6 GHz, but that looks like it could be below the overulsions, which is equally impressive when it comes to the iGPU.

As a good integrated card, it will depend on the system's RAM speed and here Intel has achieved quality performance, as it not only guarantees DDR4 3200 MHz and LPDDR4-4667, but will support LPDDR5 at 5400 MHz and up to 32 GB.

Intel demos will certainly give a buzz, because in almost every game shown it doubles the performance of the Vega 8 on the Ryzen 7 4800U, the GPU running at 1750 MHz.

Work statistics hard to believe

As always, Intel has provided a number of performance metrics and other samples for the discovery of this U-series under Tiger Lake. And while the performance in the indicated conditions is unquestionable, the company wanted to go further by offering more general metrics.

Tiger Lake will therefore be 35% faster on standard office software, seven times the content creation and 76% faster on games compared to the Renoir Ryzen 4000 APU in the same U series.

If we focus on the sport, the new Xe not only released the AMD Vega 8, but the NVIDIA MX350 which has a dual TDP available on its own and slows down under blues pressure.

Completing with the new GPU build, Intel has confirmed support for 4K HDR10, Dolby Vision, AV1, 12-bit, but also as an important future communication, compatible with the full PCIe Gen 4.0, Thunderbolt 4 and – USB 4.

Undoubtedly, the greatest performance in all potential areas and the prize should also be at the forefront of the clearly visible field.

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