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Intel unveiled its Intel Xe graphics for next month



Intel unveiled its Intel Xe graphics for next month

In the tweet you can see below, and that the company did not take long to turn it off, Intel promises to show a lot of details about Intel Xe Graphics in 20 days, though it does not say anything about simply creating images or re-creating dedicated graphics. It is noteworthy that Intel has already announced the hosting of the event on September 2, when the company is expected to present its Tiger Lake laptop operators with Xe integrated graphics.

Regardless of the topic they will be discussing, this tweet will mean that Intel will reveal more details about this fact on August 14. It is likely that there will be an error in the automatic publication of the titter by Intel, so this date could be incorrect.

Will the dedicated images of Intel Xe be revealed?

The design of the Intel Xe graphics will be the company’s new blue attempt to compete directly against AMD and NVIDIA in all segments. Intel has initially prioritized these kicks in the integrated portfolio of laptops, and the first products to be introduced will be Tiger Lake processors (Iris Xe Graphics) and DG1 chips dedicated to laptops.

The tweet we showed earlier was sent directly to the Intel Graphics account, but could still be compiled drawings from Tiger Lake product analysts. Keep in mind that, as we mentioned earlier, Intel has an event scheduled for September 2, so they may have published it without knowing it and that is why they closed it briefly. However, it is also possible that this was intended to produce expectations, it would not be the first time they did so.

The fact is that we have been talking about it for some time Intel Xe graphics design, with high expectations. Improvements in integrated graphics processors for laptops product are good, but not what all users expect, but rather dedicated graphics cards can compete with AMD and NVIDIA in the gaming segment.

And that is, as we have said many times before, if there is a company that can eliminate the division of gaming graphics cards, that is Intel (both for staff and equipment). So far Intel has not done poorly with the performance of its integrated graphics, but it is certainly not in competition and it would be good news that with this new build (you know, more competition is always good for users because we will see better and cheaper products if it can war for price).

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