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Kingston KC2500, NVMe SSD efficiency up to 2TB



Kingston KC2500, NVMe SSD efficiency up to 2TB

It is clear that the current market is prone to SSDs, and with hard drives that are close to disappearing in home environments, more efficient NVMe SSDs are gaining better acceptance by users because their prices are less available. While they are still far from the sales volume of SATA 3 SSDs, which provide the best price-per-GB ratio, NVMe SSDs deliver their own performance, so they are becoming popular and especially among other gamers.

The Kingston KC2500, is a fast and flexible NVMe SSD

Available in capacities ranging from 250GB to 2TB, these SSDs have it M.2 format with PCI-Express 3.0 x4 display and protocol NVMe and they excel in providing high performance without the need for a dedicated heatsink, because they do not suffer from thermal lubrication.

Kingston incorporates 96-bit 3D TLC NAND memory on these devices, providing access speeds Read 3,500 MB / s and 2,900 MB / s write respectively (depending on the model and its power) up to 375,000 / 300,000 IOPS in random read / write, which provides incredible stability in high performance environments. In addition, it intends to comply with many of the security measures that exist today, such as TGC security management solutions or XTS-AES encryption

based on 256-bit Hardware.

Now available with 2TB capacity

What's new is that this SSD, which has been on the market for a few months, is now available with 2 TB capacity, ideal for users who want to avoid having to rely on multiple storage units and prefer having everything in the same unit. This is very useful for gamers as they will be able to install all of their games on this fast SSD to greatly reduce game loading times.

And that the market also has a lot going for it: one unit of storage to increase capacity and faster. But of course you know that SSDs have a “expiration date” because the write cycles they provide are limited.

This SSD has 1.2 PBW (Picobytes) resilience 5 year warranty, which means that we can write 657 GB per day, every day for 5 years until your period expires (keep in mind that it is normal to write at least 20 GB per day), so basically if you buy a 2TB Kingston KC2500 it will definitely save you a lifetime of useful -Your PC without problem.

By the way, the fact that this 2 TB drive has already been purchased, is still expensive but certainly because it has just arrived in stores and will not take long to see it at the right price.

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