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Krom Kritic RGB Rainbow Gaming Kit: features and definitions




As its name implies, all these sections are marked RGB configurable -without the mat-, so that the user can synchronize the aesthetic of their desk with lighting and effects they like.

KROM Kritic RGB Rainbow Gaming Kit Pack

We will continue to demolish all the parameters included in this package to see what it brings.

KROM Kappa headphones

KROM Kappa headphones

KindnessClosed region
DrumsN / A
Maximum distance2.1 meters
The general answer20Hz – 20 KHz
SensitivityN / A
Inequality16 Ohm
Driver size50 mm
MicrophoneThe mysterious
-38dB (+/- 3dB)
Noise CancellationN / A

Headphones KROM Kappa included in the package is presented with a lightband design so that they are comfortable from the first minute, and in fact it should be as their weight is only 290 grams. It features a pair of 50 mm disc speaker that guarantees clear sound, although its frequency response is the most common, from 20 Hz to 20 KHz.

They feature an adjustable microphone, and we'll get volume control and mute the microphone to the ear itself, which is in tune with the surroundings. RGB configurable from the product software.

KROM Kyra keyboard

KROM Kyra keyboard

to illuminateRGB
Type of connectionUSB
Anti-ghostingYes, 19 keys
Compatible OSLinux, Windows, MacOS
Length of cable1.5 meters
Width465 mm
High29 mm
For a long time193 mm
Weight825 grams

The keyboard compiled by KROM in the package is called Kyra, and even though it covers a hybrid switch (even though its base is a membrane), its anti-ghosting effect is 19-Key RolloverThat is, we can press up to 19 keys at a time unless the keyboard is locked (and we only have ten fingers). In addition to this, as you will already see in the picture, it also includes 10 multimedia keys on top.

KROM is proud that the robustness of this keyboard is on the way to a high end, with durable and excellent materials. Unfortunately, it also has a number RGB lights, but as a "membrane" keyboard, this is not an individual key but in 7 locations, configured from the product software.

KROM Keos mouse

KROM Keos mouse

Sensor6400 DPI
Speed ​​/ SpeedN / A
to illuminateRGB
MemoryN / A
Cable1.5 meters
Dimensions122 x 80 x 41 mm
Weight125 grams
PriceN / A

The mouse that includes this KROM Kritic RGB rainbow tract KROM Keos, with light sensor up to 6,400 DPI true high sensitivity adjustable at six sensitivity levels (800, 1600, 2400, 3200, 4800 and 6,400 DPI). It has seven buttons in total, adjustable from the software and its RGB light that uses almost the entire device rotation in a completely clean ROCCAT style.

This mouse has an ergonomic design of the right handers, and although the manufacturer thinks it's quite compact, the fact is that its size is 122 x 80 x 41 mm, weighing 125 grams that doesn't fit well between rats. the most convenient on the market.

KROM Kritic mat

KROM Kritic mat

KROM Kritic
It's moreCloth
BasicHot rubber
On the wallSewing
Dimensions320 x 270 x 3mm
Weight155 grams
PriceN / A

This "combo" of the edges comes complete with a Kritic mat, with a size of 320 x 270 x 3 mm with a fiber optic surface ("speed" to finish, ideal for low hearing mice) and sharp edges, a fact that guarantees good durability. We found no fodder in the mat, which is black and only decorated with a part of the trademark on its right side.


Price and availability

The KROM Kritic RGB rainbow pack will be available in early June at the official price of 34.90 euros, it's much cheaper for those users who want a complete kit for less expensive.

However, apart from that mat the rest can be purchased separately, which is official price of 14.90 euros for both keyboard and headphones, and 12.90 euros per mouse.


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