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LG V70: date, price and news about its specification



LG V70: date, price and news about its specification

LG's V-series calls have been repeated six times since the 2015 V10 revival to 2020 V60, a phone we think has been one of the lowest in a year.

The “V” illegally represents “video”, and the V series is always next to the most popular G series to give Android lovers a full camera app, great video editing options, flagship capabilities, and V10 and V V20 second style display.

But LG has decided that the G8 will be the last phone in the G series as it turns to save its cellular fragmentation. The LG Velvet was the first phone of the new era, and the LG Wing was the second.

Although the company did not say the V series was dead, it leaves doubts about the future of the V70. This is what we know so far.

Release date for LG V70

While the LG V70 would definitely come along, the latest V release makes it hard to predict.

The V10, V20, V30, and V40 were all announced in August, September, or October, but the V50 was announced in February 2019, just four months after the launch of the V40.

The V60 was already in February 2020, so perhaps the most likely launch date for the LG V70 could be in February 2021, but with the changing historical dates and uncertain future of the V series, this is nothing. The most direct route.

How much will the LG V70 cost?

As of release date, the price of the LG V70 is hard to predict. The V60 was a US-only phone, costing about $ 649 at the time of writing, but the V50 sold for $ 999 when it first came out. The IV40 was also very expensive.

Our guess is that the V70 will go the V60 line and make about $ 700 to compete with the current market price of the iPhone, but it could offer optional features such as a dual screen case.

Details of the LG V70

If the V70 has an effect, it could probably handle Qualcomm's Snapdragon 875, or whatever Qualcomm ends up naming its new high-end mobile processor. One thing the V-series does not change in its power performance.

What is less clear will be everything else that is said. The V60 was good, but it didn’t take the approach of sinking into the kitchen of older V phones, opting for a 60Hz display when rival manufacturers at 90Hz or 120Hz this year. In addition, its design has returned to the range of V10 and V20 after the beautiful V30, V40 and V50.

We expect the selected return screen to come back, but it may look as thin as Velvet.

Anyone can guess the focus of the V70, which makes us feel like the LG may not have it removed. He did not officially say that the V series was coming to an end and it would be sad to see it go. There is a place on the market for a clean, video-centric smartphone that costs nothing.

Then again, the V60 was just that, and critics criticized it for not having the full spec of $ 1,000. The analysts also criticized LG for selling the $ 1,000 phone. It’s not really LG’s fault.

Wish LG V70 List

Hopefully, this is our wish list of things we would like to see if the LG V70 is available.

A return to beauty

If this is possible without sacrificing battery life, then we would love to see it. The V60 has amazing battery life, but to keep it up to 5G support, the 5,000mAh cell is packed into a really big device.

We think the most outstanding design of the V series was the V40, the first big phone to have 5 cameras (2 front, 3 back) and still has a few extra features in addition to the equivalent of a Galaxy S or iPhone.

120Hz update rate indicator

We don’t argue against the V60 for not having it, but the V70 should incorporate display technology to speed up the competition. LG has not shipped a phone with a fast update rate yet, but the V series will be the best place to do it first.

Global availability

It may not work for LG's mini-marketing strategy, but the V70 is actually available worldwide and is open to attract buyers. The V60 is for the United States only and is restricted by the carrier, greatly delaying anyone who wants to import.

LG has never been very good at offering unlocked phones, but if it is difficult to find their phones sold in Spain and abroad, what are the chances of the V70?

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