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Lightbound arrives to dispel evil by 2020




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Brave Engineers for Ronimo Games (Awesomenauts) and his loyal Devolver Digital squires (Fall Guys, GRAY) return thousands to announce The bed, A spectacular black and stylish black rider who will make his way to the PC in Early Access this summer.

The world is in danger. Ten years ago, a group of exterminated gangsters wiped out the dreaded System Titan after a long and bloody war. However, their happiness was short-lived. The true intentions of the Shadow Titan are revealed as soon as the Blight, the plague, appears in its shell; a destructive error that can transform any creature exposed to it.

The bed it is a bizarre multiplayer – both online and local – that compares the three brave warriors to step down from their refuge and face the disgusting Blight – a mysterious and destructive global phenomenon.

Explore handmade dungeons, fight a fierce battle of mysterious and terrifying enemies, take on important rewards, and find fallen heroes to expand your list of existing characters. Each player will have to play a specific role in the team – a hero, a killer or a magician – to defeat the ultimate bosses and solve their complex puzzles.

Will you be able to find and finish all the challenges and defeat Blight permanently?


  • The bed It's a game on endless growth with new mines to explore, new heroes to recover and use, as well as new machines to gain gratitude on its free renewal calendar throughout the community.
  • Discover 20 unique heroes, each with their own skills, practical and insignificant, and personal story told.
  • Hundreds of unique robbery items, or boats, that will enhance each hero and transform their entire repertoire of attacks and powers.
  • Build your shelter by adding a crown to the mountain and hiring new craftsmen to craft additional equipment, equipment, and train your heroes.
  • Make your way by fighting across the breadth and breadth of three different countries, each with a series of victory pits including Gravemark Black, Underhold oprevise, and unstable Ridge.
  • The different roles of each character that seek to develop synergies are the special and powerful skills that come into play when you do your job well. Prevent injury as a warrior, upset your enemies as killed, or heal your friends like magic.
  • A stunning mix of hand drawn characters with real-time 3D models and light effects.


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