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Logitech G815 vs G915 gaming technical comparison keyboard



Logitech G815 vs G915 gaming technical comparison keyboard

The Logitech G815 has been on the market for a while, and yet the gaming keyboard is the most expensive in the industry. Meanwhile, the new Logitech G915 introduces some new features and has just entered the market, but its price is too high to be one of the most expensive keyboards on the market. You can see its prices as a reference in Amazon Spain below.

Logitech G815 vs G915 technical comparison

Logitech G815Logitech G915
Keyboard typeGamingGaming
to illuminateRGB key per keyRGB key per key
Dimensions475 x 150 x 22 mm475 x 150 x 22 mm
Weight1145 g1025 g
DrumsNo, it's just cable.30 hours (100% light)
Integrated memoryTwo lighting profiles and three mac-key macro profilesTwo lighting profiles and three mac-key macro profiles
The keys to the macro5, for on-the-fly recording without software5, for on-the-fly recording without software
Multimedia controlsYes, with a digital digital wheel.Yes, with a digital digital wheel.
– 1.5 mm activation
– Capacity: 45 g
– Depth: 3 mm
– 1.5 mm activation
– Capacity: 45 g
– Depth: 3 mm
Communication2xUSB 2.0USB (LightSpeed ​​Finder)

As you can see, both buttons are the same, the only new G915 wireless feature. We can choose to connect it using a LightSpeed ​​USB receiver or directly via Bluetooth, in that case and it will allow us to pair the keyboard with several devices at the same time if we want to use it on several PCs.

Both of these keyboards include low profile switching (LOW), and three different options:

  • GL Brown: click sound and visual response.
  • GL White – No clicks are felt and a soft bump to feel sore when pressed.
  • GL Red: no audible click and direct response.

Both keyboards allow the configuration of their individual keys using software, including their own RGB lights. Similarly, both keyboards have five keys dedicated to the left, with the ability to record macros “on the fly” (without software) and save them, and with three built-in memory profiles. Of course, both keyboards can also work anti ghosting N-Key Rollover, which will allow us to press all the buttons we want at the same time and will be captured instantly.

As for the composition, and we find that they are the same keyboard, with the obvious difference that one has a cord and the other does not. Keyboards are too small, the most important mechanical keyboard on the market

, at a total height of just 22mm (we can lift the back with standard lift legs), it is made of high-quality aluminum and has a low, fast-changing profile.

In some cases, as we were saying, both Logitech G815 and G915 are the same keyboard but the first one has a cord (USB double, USB Passthrough) and the second is wireless (so USB pass), but technically they are the same. In fact, the G915 has Lightspeed wireless technology, which means that even when operating in wireless mode it has the same delay as the wireless version (otherwise when connecting it via Bluetooth, keep this in mind).

Is the Logitech G915 worth the extra charge?

Putting a keyboard next to each other, the difference is about 50 euros, and what we get with a refund is the lack of cables, and we lose USB output. We'd tell you that if the idea is to use a keyboard on a gaming PC, which will always be in the same place, you don't have to pay more for having wireless functionality unless you're a foodies of minimalism and you don't want to have one thread at the top of the table.

Now, if you intend to use the keyboard on several PCs or for example to control a small PC connected to a TV in the living room, then it can be beneficial to pay more for the G915 because in that case you will make the best use of it. by telephone. But other than that, the price increase cannot be justified and the best option (or at least the biggest gain) is the Logitech G815.

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