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Logitech G923 TRUEFORCE, steering wheel and pedals for simulators



Logitech G923 TRUEFORCE, steering wheel and pedals for simulators

Logitech is a type that has been standing still for its race wheels, and this time throwing all the meat on the grill by grill Logitech G923 TRUEFORCE, a pedal wheel with all its available technology and experience combined to provide the best racing simulators experience, both in PC as in to comfort present and next generation.

Also that launch G923 TRUEpoolCE is available in two different components, one compatible with PC and Microsoft Xbox One console and the other compatible with PC and SONY PS4 consoles and the next PS5, so that fans of Driving simulators can be sure of getting the best.

Logitech G923 TRUEFORCE, technical features

Steering wheelPedalera
Size270 x 260 x 278 mm167 x 428.5 x 311 mm
Weight2,25 Kg3,1 Kg
building materialsWheelchair Steering: Anodized Aluminum
Cover with steering wheels: Hand-folded leather
Driving axle: Metal
Shift Levers: Stainless Steel Lever
Rising Jaws: Nylon Filled Glass
Holding Weapons and Buildings: Cold Metals
Best places:
Pedal Piston Boots: Thermoplastic Polyoxymethylene (POM)
featuresRotation: 900 degree rotation from lock to key
Driver type sensor
Force the two-engine response via TRUEFORCE
Excessive protection
Offline binding line
A mat program that does not comply with copyright
Incompatibility inclusive
Automatic calibration

The two versions are exactly the same and change only their compatibility. Why Logitech had to release two different versions of the two anchors is unknown, but they are certainly related to obtaining licenses from Microsoft and SonY.

Technology FACT It’s similar to the popular patent response known as Force Response, which uses the game’s physics itself and sound in real time to let players feel like they’re driving more than ever before. Situations such as engine rust, tire pressure or track location are transmitted directly to the player using a steering wheel that you have never felt immersed in.

“A big race wheel with Force Feedback can be the difference between crossing the line first and becoming a champion or leaving the track and finishing. A new wheel that gives gamers a real driving experience by making every detail of the feel of racing cars. I can even see that the back of the car is missing or if I am about to lose control, it gives me a great opportunity to fix it quickly and continue the race ».- Landon Norris, driver of McLaren F1.

Logitech's front steering wheel

Designed for all sim racing riders, G923 race wheels and pedals have been redesigned with a steering wheel, twisted foundations and a luxury leather cover. In addition, the system is made up of many features including:

  • Fixed controls for both clutch– Allows players to start clean and fast as the top-level controls are running from start to finish.
  • Built-in conversion indicator– Built-in LED lights on the allowable wheel allow for greater RPM control while driving.
  • Built-in steering wheel control– Controls are built on the steering wheel to keep all controls easily accessible.
  • Continuing to tie the foundations– With a new developing spring for a more responsive feel, the pedal brake response adds more authenticity and control.
  • Jog-point-24 wheel– Built-in wheel allows the rider to adjust traction, torque, braking force, solid control, and more.
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