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Memory RAM DDR4 GALAX HOF OC Lab Diamond at 5000 MHz



Memory RAM DDR4 GALAX HOF OC Lab Diamond at 5000 MHz

So far, the family of RAM memory GALAX HOF OC Lab Phantom was the fastest made by the manufacturer at 4,800 MHz, but now that brand has been hit with this new “Diamond” variant at 5 GHz, nothing more and nothing less. With heatsink and luxury edges, these RAMs are sent as strong nominees to beat all RAM performance records.

GALAX HOF OC Lab Diamond, DDR4 RAM reminders 5.000 MHz

This family of RAM memory is led by a 5,000 MHz speed model, but also has low speed models. The manufacturer announced their latitude CL19-26-26-46 but surprisingly, it did not specify voltage; However, if we know that the 4800 MHz DDR4 differential with CL19-22-22-46 latitude of the same family has a power of 1.5V, we should assume that the 5,000 Mhz model has the same or higher frequency.

GALAX has used some shiny white heatsinks (decorated with something like diamonds, hence its name) limited height, which they did not describe but only by looking at pictures we can think we should be careful when we put them in hot air. As you can imagine, these high-end RAMs have RGB light, up and “diamonds” themselves. This lighting is compatible with all RGB management software on motherboards.

Inside, these RAM modules use an 8-layer PCB with an improved electrical design and what for many is more important, using Samsung B-Die chips which are well known for their great grip capabilities.

Initially, these RAMs will be available at speeds of between 4,000 and 5,000 Mhz only (therefore, no “low speed”) for the initial price of 1199, 1499, 1899, 2499, 2899 and 3499 yuan respectively (equivalent to approximately -145, 181, 230, 301, 350 and 422 euros) with 16 GB kits in two 8 GB single modules.

GALAX HOF OC Lab Phantom, “little sisters”

At the same time, the manufacturer introduced the Phantom version, which is available at 3600, 3866 and 4000 MHz speeds only, while the 3600 and 4000 MHz models have two versions with different charges (once the manufacturer did not explain why). They also have high quality aluminum hematinks and RGB light, and are much cheaper than Diamond versions as they cost 949, 999, 1029, 1099 and 1099 yuan respectively (approximately 114, 120, 125, 132 and 132 euros respectively) with 2 x 8 GB kits.

These RAMs also have 8-layer PCBs and Samsung B-Die chips, so they will be great for Overclocking. In fact they are similar to the Diamond versions but the heatsink variations and simply “alone” go up to 4 GHz compared to 5 GHz in other models.

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