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Microsoft stops producing Xbox One X and Xbox One S Digital Edition



Microsoft stops producing Xbox One X and Xbox One S Digital Edition

Despite the fact that the Xbox One X (known as “Project Scorpio” was announced in June 2017 and launched in November of the same year (therefore less than 3 years old), Microsoft has announced that it will stop producing it for the next launch of its new console, Xbox Series X. In addition to this, the version Digital Edition from Xbox One S It also falls into the same bag and reaches the end of its life, so Microsoft stops producing it and, once the stock units are finished, will take it out of its catalog again and stop selling it.

Xbox One X and Xbox One S Digital Edition have arrived at EOL

“As we enter the future with the Xbox Series X, we are taking a natural step to halt production for the Xbox One X and Xbox One S Digital Edition. The Xbox One S will continue to be manufactured and sold worldwide for a while, yes. Players can check with local retailers for more information on the availability of Xbox One Hardware. “

Recently, there were rumors that Microsoft was planning to end production of the Xbox One after the “Out of stock” signs appeared on Amazon and other online store windows. At first, Microsoft denied the rumors but appeared to be on fire after the smoke, as they have become a reality. Of course, the real part because Microsoft has also confirmed that it will currently continue to produce the Xbox One S.

It is an amazing decision to be honest, because the Xbox One S is actually the most exciting icon in the Microsoft catalog as it does not offer the functionality of the Xbox One X, and is not as economical as the Digital Edition. We do not know, of course, the sales figures, so we do not know the reasons for this decision by the company, but it is thought that, in fact, the best-selling version will be the standard Xbox One.

To replace the Xbox Series X

As you may know, Microsoft is planning to launch its powerful TFLOPs Xbox Series X X this holiday season (rumors have been speculating on November 20 as a possible date), and it is expected that sooner or later it will offer a lower version. it's powerful but very cheap (rumors say it's going to be half as expensive), its name is unknown but it's already known as the Xbox Series S (locally known as Lockhart, and there are rumors that Microsoft will launch it in August).

So you know, Microsoft has confirmed the suspension of production for the Xbox One X and Xbox One S Digital Edition, perhaps to make room for the next generation, both at the design and construction level. This means that stores are more likely to start promoting the sale of the now-defunct Xbox to end their stock, and we can expect good offer about.

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