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Microsoft Surface Duo 2: date, price and specification



Microsoft Surface Duo 2: date, price and specification

After months of rumors and leaks (many of these leaks were made by Microsoft itself), Android with Microsoft's dual touch screen is here.

And what do we usually do as soon as the new phone arrives? Think of his follower, of course!

Here's what you need to know about the next generation, which we think will be called the Microsoft Surface Duo 2.

Release Date for Microsoft Surface Duo 2

The launch date of the Surface Duo 2 is almost impossible to predict. The original one went on sale on September 10, 2020 in the US, but there are rumors that some markets may have to wait until 2021 to get their hands on the device.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2

The Duo 2 may already be improving, but that means we are less likely to see another Surface Duo before 2022. Its launch could be postponed to coincide with the long-awaited Surface Neo which is also expected to arrive in 2022.

Price Duo for Microsoft Surface Duo 2

Our best quote is from the current Surface Duo, and yet it is only specified in the US:

  • 128GB storage – $1,399.99
  • 256GB of storage – $1,499.99

While wrapping is expected to be easily accessible over time, when Microsoft brings significant updates to the Duo 2, we expected it to have the same high number of inquiries. However, it will be cheaper to compete with smartphones


Rumors about Microsoft Surface Duo 2

The only news we have now about the Superface Duo 2 is that this device is improving. That’s what Windows Latest has to say, and it shows that Microsoft wants to launch the Duo lineup as a key part of the Surface range.

Wishlist Microsoft Surface Duo 2

Rumorally, it is understandable that, at this point, we have compiled a list of things we would like to see in the Surface Duo 2. The Duo is determined to be a first-of-its-kind tool, so there are many areas that could be improved:

  • Recent processor – Between the announcement and release of the Duo, chipset Qualcomm's Snapdragon 865. This means that the Duo is using the 2018 Snapdragon 865, so we'd like to see Microsoft take steps to protect the duplicate situation.
  • 5G support – From there, the 865 needed a different 5G chip that Microsoft did not pay attention to in the construction of the Duo. 5G support for its follower should be.
  • Small bezels – The Duo is indeed an engineering feat, but the show itself still plays a design we saw five years ago. There will be plenty of Microsoft space to install one or more powerful cameras and increase the screen size and body.
  • Lots of camera lenses Speaking of cameras, the Duo has a single 11 MP sensor, which can be used for a rear gun and is selected depending on how the device is used. Adding another lens, be it a very wide or forward-looking camera, can add a lot to the camera experience.
  • NFC support – The Duo did not have the usual features of the smartphone, but the absence of NFC may have been very difficult to forgive. The inability to use Google Pay is hard to ignore, so it should be a priority for the next duo.
  • Large battery – Although the Duo has a battery on each screen, the total power is only 3577mAh. With so many smartphones now with 5000mAh batteries, it could really do with the development of the Duo 2.
  • Reduce the price – While this may be difficult to check for updates here, it would be good to see Microsoft make the Duo more affordable. These days, most people simply do not justify spending $1,400 or more on that device.

We'll be updating this article as soon as more details come out of the Surface Duo 2. For now, here's what you need to know about the original Surface Duo.

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