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Mindshunter Zifyr, a mouse to block sweating of hands



Mindshunter Zifyr, a mouse to block sweating of hands

Playing with your palms is lifeless, in addition, it removes the mouse and the veil too much, so every few years we are forced to change our model because the mortality problem gets worse. Does Mindshunter have the final solution?

Zepir, the mouse shines as it is cold

The new Mindshunter mouse has so many new features and some that we've already seen in other competitive modes. But combining these features makes for an impressive mouse as it is light and cold in itself.

Made for gamers right, although it accepts to the left if the side buttons aren't a problem for you, since these are located on the left side of them. We are talking about a mouse that requires very high performance, very high speed and high speed, so its construction has very little weight in mind.

To achieve this they have already reached the limit of both the base of the mouse and the palm rest, which also allows for less air to operate properly. By using this perforamiento higher, the brand has decided to include a brand that is gaining fresh air into our hands, where curiosity has equipped the youngest with the RGB program, so it has a dual function.

This fan has 4 performance modes that cannot be changed: Closed, 4000 RPM, 7000 RPM y 10000 RPM

, where it is obvious that noise levels and air flow will change, but still we will never have a sweat problem, that. And is the product type positioned at the right angle for the fan angle 45 degrees, to ensure proper cooling of the palm.

Pixart Sensitivity, OMRON switch and price to match its features

If we thought this would end here, it's far from it. This Zefrris is a sensor Pixart 3389 which gives us the solution of 16000 DPI at just a 100 DPI increase. Switches will be popular OMRON lasts longer, with 50 million clicks and where the product type does not specify replacement or replacement.

What we do know is that there will only be weight 68 grams and that it currently has a pre-sale promotional offer at a 50% discount, so it will only cost $ 79.

Apart from this it increases its final price $ 160, so if you're thinking of buying it, it might be a better time, since the brand says that there will be limited units for this Zephir and this price.

Likewise, Mindshunter is not yet sure when it will arrive normally and at a standard price across the globe, so we will have to be vigilant if we want to catch it.

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