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NVIDIA Announces Ampere Launch Event



NVIDIA Announces Ampere Launch Event

First, NVIDIA published a preview of its official Twitter account, followed by an announcement on its website where we could see a drop in the slogan “21 days, 21 years. Before we move on to the future, join us in celebrating great progress. of PC gaming since 1999. And what’s next.

NVIDIA Ampere launch event

This mysterious message points to September 1 at 9 a.m. (Pacific time (Los Angeles), Spain will be 6:00 pm), and it makes no sense how it came to be that day that it was launched 21 years ago in a popular market. IGeForce 256 of the brand, so it all shows that this event is a good opening for their Ampere picture cards that we talked about a lot recently.

This was the first time that the company would be preparing for the event (they said they would tell “stories” that improve year after year from now until the time of the event, and they have now enabled the ministry on their website in a “retro” way, under the heading “Tonight I'll play” like us in 1999! ”

In this article they look back to tell us what it was like to play back then, remembering those times when most of us have lived, like CD-RW recorders (and that was the latest in 99), Broadband Internet (Similarly, the server began its arrival with modems. 28800 e baud) and recalls that time we look at the golden age of video games.

But let's go back to the present. In this article NVIDIA also confirms that on September 1 they will welcome a new season (another way to say the launch of Ampere) with a special event by broadcasting via NVIDIA CEO, Jen-sen Huang, who can access it all to see it live from the link below this article. In fact, when you sign in, you also have direct access to add an event to your calendar so you don't forget.

What can we expect from this event?

Apparently the new Ampere design graphics cards are expected to be officially announced, with the RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 3080 leading the way. They may have talked about all the other graphics cards of this generation, but keep in mind that NVIDIA is expected to file a lawsuit for the whole family, so initially the two will come out on top to launch the RTX 3070 and RTX later. 3060, that immigrants will come.

If we trust what has happened to almost all previous generations, each new graph is equal to the previous generation in number, that is, in this case the RTX 3060 will be equal to or greater than the current RTX 2070, the RTX 3070 will be equal to or greater than the RTX 2080 and so on. NVIDIA is also expected, by the way, to showcase the new heatsink design in its Founders Edition images.

On the other hand, there is talk that Ampere's high-end images will surpass the current queens, the RTX 2080 Ti, by far longer performance, but they are also expected to equal or exceed the price of this and today's unreachable. of many users, because they are 1,200 euros. Finally, this new generation of graphics is expected to arrive with unprecedented memory prices in the consumer market so far, with capabilities of up to 20 and 24 GB.

All of this and much more is what the NVIDIA manager is expected to confirm during the conference, which will take place (remember) on September 1 at 18:00 in Spain.

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