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NVIDIA RTX 3080 is 40% faster than RTX 2080 Ti



NVIDIA RTX 3080 is 40% faster than RTX 2080 Ti

Leakers continue to love this article to compare GPUs with new CPUs. The RTX 3000 would not be any different, but unlike previous leaks or ratings, performance today is offered compared to two NVIDIA cards so far: TITAN Xp (Pascal) and RTX 2080 Ti (Turing).

Ampere hits his opponents like a hammer hitting a nail

It is probably the best example in a clear and simple way, because NVIDIA without sinking the market in the hands of Turing will ruin so far to play the GPU brightly. In the comparison table you can see several scores for RTX 2080 Ti, two for TITAN XP and one for RTX 2080 SUPER.

This is important because all but one RTX 2080 Ti, TITAN and RTX 2080

SUPER contribute too much to these schools, so a single RTX 2080 Ti is stock. Last resort, stock NVIDIA RTX 3080 performs below reset Crazy 4K game points 9600 points with 98 FPS, which is crazy if we look back just six months ago.

Stock RTX 2080 Ti under the same setting reaches points of 6800 points with 70 FPS on average, which means that between the two cards there is an outstanding one 40% difference

, costs half the new NVIDIA RTX 3080 than its predecessor at Turing.

Even underwater the RTX 2080 Ti is capable of troubling the RTX 3080

But even with the largest water jumps the RTX 2080 Ti can be close enough to be a threat, because by pressing the card upwards and without the temperature limit on the boost, the GPU has gained 7800 points and 79 FPS, which still leaves a difference of 23% Between both and 19 FPS like GAP, the world when we consider that we are talking about 4K resolution.

These may be a small distance in the low resolution, where the RTX 2080 Ti is less demanding, but also anyone who buys one of these graphics cards does so with the precision of high resolution or high loads of images, so a good first step is to understand the difference in performance between structures.

If this is achieved with a full gaming battery, it is very likely that the RTX 3070 will be able to allow for more interesting variations on the RTX 2080 Ti, by continuing to transform the second-hand market, which is already plagued by competitive prices compared to the performance they offer, not so much by distance. of the previous TOP only 6 years.

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