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PCs are the best-selling in computer history




With this list we'd ask you to crave and a little retro, to tell you which ones were the best-selling OEM PCs, all of those fantasy models that, if you didn't have one or some of them, certainly sound like a minority. Let's see it.

PCs are the best-selling in history

The following list is ordered by a model that has sold many units worldwide until it is small.

Commodore 64

Commodore 64

The best-selling PC of all time was Commodore 64, which was launched in January 1982 as one of the first computers in the market with such remarkable success that it resulted in the sale of 17 million units and th at its launch price was $ 595 in the US. In those days, it had a 1 MHz processor and 64 KB of RAM, which was more than enough for games and systems at that time, and was very popular with programmers because it was the first time they had a decent audio chip.

Commodore Amiga 500

The PC Amiga 500 was one of the best sellers in history

Originally released in 1987, this PC sold 6 million units worldwide at an initial price of $ 699. This kit has been released in the footsteps of Commodore 64 with a faster and more powerful hardware, a 16-bit (later and 32-bit processor) MHz, and less than 512 KB of RAM. As a teenager, the floppy disk drive was already normal.


PC OSX has been one of the world's leading retailers

Launched in June 1983, this PC sold 5 million units. It worked with the MS Basic operating system, which has never been a global system so popular in Japan, until laptops were used to achieve most of the games of the time.

Sinclair ZX Spectrum

PC ZX Spectrum

Launched in 1982 at a price of $ 166, this small PC has sold 5 million units worldwide. It comes with 16 KB of RAM and an integrated keyboard, with a 3.5 MHz processor. It became very popular because, by design, it became one of the first home PCs.

IBM PC (5150)

The IBM PC (5150) has been one of the best sellers in history

This is one of the best-selling PCs in history, and although introduced in September 1981, more than 500,000 units were sold in less than a month from that moment, though their price varied from 1,565 to $ 3,000. This PC used the Intel 08088 processor at 4.77 MHz and had 16 KB of RAM, and since it had great intelligence it was one of the first to install BIOS on the system.

Apple II

Apple II PCs are best sellers

Launched in June 1977, these Apple computers have sold more than one million units and their price range from $ 1,298 to $ 2,638, so there is also this list of best-selling PCs in history. With a 1 MHz processor, it is offered in a variety of 4 KB to 48 KB of RAM, and also integrates the keyboard into the computer itself.

Mac, also among the best-selling PCs

Apple is a Mac

First released in 1998, Apple's Macac is also among the best-selling PCs in history. Initially, the first Mac sold for $ 1,299, and although the total number of units sold is unknown, it is estimated at one million.

NEC PC-98xx series

The NEC PC-98xx series PCs are on sale more than ever

Introduced in October 1982 at a price of $ 2,700, if we add the entire PC series introduced to this family, they are worth about $ 15 million sold. These devices are based on the well-known MSX and were therefore only introduced in Japan initially, with a 5 MHz Intel 08086 processor and 128 KB of RAM.

Timex Sinclair 1000

1000 Timex Sinclair PCs

These kits were introduced in 1981 at a cost of $ 149.95, and although the total sales are completely unknown, it is known to have sold 500,000 units in the first six months since its launch. These bands use BASIC, and they have a 3.25 MHz processor and 1 KB of RAM.


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