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Powerful NVIDIA RTX 3000 GPUs



Powerful NVIDIA RTX 3000 GPUs

NVIDIA graphics cards, but keep in mind that the power you need will depend on the graphics you have selected and your entire system, so we will limit ourselves by giving you some examples; then adjust the power to your needs.

EVGA Supernova P2

The EVGA Supernova P2 power supply family is a guarantee of quality and reliability, so they are best friends in the NVIDIA RTX 3000 Series. There are models available from 650 to 1600 watts of power (although we would recommend a variation of 850/1000 watts, only 650 if you intend to get the RTX 3070) and they all have a performance certificate of 80 Plus Platinum, the second highest suggested existing.


If your budget isn't very comfortable but you still want a high quality font, the CORSAIR RM750x will be a great option for you. It delivers 750 watts of power, so even the most powerful RTX 3090 has no problems, has 100% modular cabling storage for any modern gaming PC and has an 80% gold performance certificate, which, if not mobile ahead of the market, its price makes it the most attractive source model for the RTX 30 Series.

ASUS ROG Thor 850P

The powerful family of ASUS ROG Thor offers excellent reliability and quality, with an 80 Plus Platinum performance certificate guaranteeing 92% efficiency. Models from 550 to 1200 watts are available, but we recommend 850 watts as a standard RTX 3000 Series, to have a place to run. They have 100% modular wiring, OLED screen to see power and a series of features with only the highest sources.

SeaSonic Prime TX-750

The Prime Minister's redundant power supply chain is one of the best in all sectors, and is even more than the recommended use of NVIDIA's RTX 3000. For this we recommend the 750W model, which is suitable for all models, because they have a lot of cable for any equipment, do not have less than 12 years warranty and carry a very high performance certificate: 80 Plus Titanium. They are very expensive fonts but they are worth it and that will last you a lifetime.


CXSAIR's “offline” power supply, with limited power control, quiet operation and a host of advanced features such as all protection, 100% modular wiring and digital control. In this case we recommend the 850 watt model for the same reasons as the others; NVIDIA recommends a minimum of 750 watts, but it is better to be safe and especially due to the aging of the material, because as you know the sources are losing efficiency over the years.

Corsair AX860i

The manufacturer's highest power range is AXi, with the 860-watt model leading as the NVIDIA's RTX 30 series.

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