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Predator: Hunting Games – Playstation Review



Playstation needs a special multiplayer online game to promote its Playstation Plus program and its catalog is a game that promotes online gaming with friends or people around the world. I am very familiar with the story of how the concept of the game originated and developed but it's another story as it has the brutality of revolt, cunning and conspiracy.

Developed by IllFonic, a new way to see the universe of Predator or Predator arriving at the Sony console, that bold Arnold Schwarzenegger film, which if you haven't seen it I recommend seeing it (as they say, the community is revitalized).

Predator: Hunting Ground includes a shooter type with a third party (from the hand of the Predator) whose proposal is very interesting. You can be part of an elite military force (Fireteam) or an alien creature in a concentrated 4 vs 1 asymmetric warfare found in the deep forests of South America. Be it prey or prey.

Internet connection and PlayStation Plus membership (sold separately) are required for many online players.

If you are part of the FireTeam team You have to finish working professionally before the Predator jumps at you and leaves your head running to the forest. If you're a Predator, simply hunt each member using the most famous imitation weapons in the movie.

Their presentation is simple but entertaining, with an introduction to the original film music they have just bought for me, it should really listen to you. We don't have many options, a instructional material of the Predator (which I recommend doing) and others to head straight into battle.


With Fireteam

As with any asymmetric game, in this case you can choose to participate in a Predator team made up of 4 participants where it is important to sit together and take care of your back, cutting yourself can be a death sentence.

It's amazing how each member of FireTeam has its own features, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. What would you like to be? Attacks, support or tests. The role of the attack is, at its best, the one that has gone ahead and destroyed human enemies to complete the map deployment. A scout is fast and skilled, having to analyze the environment and look for potential threats to the forest. Instead, the task of the support group is to help the whole team and it is the one you can hold the most.

Playing as a team is key, communication with others is important.

As you can see, it's a true team game because it not only breaks the silence against the enemies of AI, but also survives against the Predator, a move that is not true and every unit can agree to be popular.

I laughed many times when one of the participants was attacked by the Predator, crying out for help and heard and when we all went for support and tried to scare her or hurt her a lot. You have to be precise and alert as a soldier because dealing with eye contact is dangerous, it's best to be prepared with good weapons and prepare a strategy for how to deal with it to succeed, so it's important for the team to communicate. You also have an adoption system to show another what a person sees (if you don't manage it by chat, which I don't recommend).

The game allows you to recharge a partner / all that bloody but beware, it has to be reinforced because it can be a Predator trap.

The best feature used and my favorite in the movie, is this chances of getting mud in the body so we can get out of the Predator's radar for its hot view. This temporarily prevents the Predator from getting it. Very much!

Now I liked it various weapons to choose from, a real and complete arsenal that will be unlocked as we reach the top. Assault rifles, rifles, rifles, machine guns such as a movie that lowers the forest with rifles, rifles and much more.

The view in this case of Fireteam comes from first impression of firing, enough.

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